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Category: <span>Editorial</span>

Category: Editorial

The Wheels of Liberty Turn

Expectantly watching the long convoy of freedom truckers exit Interstate 90, rolling into Gillette, Wyoming, last week, greeted by long line of cheering flag waving Patriotic citizens from around the Cowboy state, served as a stark reminder-this Spirit of Liberty must never wane, be taken for granted, or permitted to fade due to apathy. At considerable risk and personal sacrifice, these convoys, are counter-culture warriors, rolling through cities on their way to Washington D.C. What began as protests against tyranny from COVID mandates, has grown rapidly, coast to coast for individual Liberty under God. Actual and perceived threats to our …

Profundity of Words Over Deeds

As one who advocates for the wordsmith and defends the majesty of language and eloquence of words, this columnist is also mindful that our human race talks incessantly. It’s nothing new. Whether it’s in the political arena, or in other realms of one’s life, too few rarely take a step in the direction of translating words into deeds. Feelings must translate into behavior if one’s to advance any movement or noble cause. The average citizen knows it’s sadly true-people spend more time talking than being engaged in action. To underscore the love affair with one’s own words and voice, clearly …