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We Need Your Help Now – Aug 8

We Need Your Help Now – Aug 8

August 8, 2021

Dear Friends of Liberty:

We need your help now. Vox populi. That Latin phrase takes on new meaning in Natrona County at this critical hour. The voice of the people. As you know Liberty’s Place 4 U was established to provide a voice of Liberty to the citizens of this county. Last April, 2021, the Natrona County School District Board voted they would pursue an end to masking students, only days after the board voted to keep mask rules in place. No reason was given for the change. We know it was pressure and threats from parents to remove their offspring from school, and planned demonstrations. The district’s earlier survey revealed 80% of parents and more than 70% of staff wanted to eliminate the mask mandate. It was ignored until the public roared.

This Monday August 9th, the NCSD Board will meet from 7PM to 9PM, at 970 N. Glenn Road, Casper. To date, the agenda is unpublished. Another meeting is scheduled for August 23rd. District Superintendent Mike Jennings and the board were never convinced that masks were causing harm to the children’s mental health. They resisted the will of the parents and citizens until the very last minute. Their stock and trade is promoting bureaucracy. Here’s where you come in fellow Patriots.

Last week both the Albany and Laramie County voted to mandate masks for students and teachers. Don’t think for a minute that this School District Board has changed their mind on this issue. They only respond to pressure. Flood their switchboard at 307-253-5200, opposing masks on our children, whose voices are muted. Email your opposition to or phone Tanya Southerland, at 307-253-5380, or email Write to superintendent Mike Jennings, at 970 N. Glenn Road, Casper, WY 82601, expressing your opposition to masking students again.

We understand this has nothing to do with the science. It’s about control, a cavalier assault on individual liberty. Make no mistake, it’s tyranny in our county. We are being pro-active. As you know, our resources are limited. Otherwise, we could flood the air waves with TV and radio ads, and billboards as a visible form of opposition.

Time is a formidable adversary. Liberty’s Place 4 U is willing to be a Sentinel to rally support for individual liberty, under God. We’ll do our part. In such combat, C.S. Lewis noted, “For the present is the point at which time touches eternity.” That time is now. This is that practical opportunity we promised you, to express this uniquely American right and obligation to voice your opinion. Don’t miss it. In the event the NCSD Board ignores our voices, be prepared to demonstrate as foot soldiers. Encourage friends and family to oppose any further draconian measures to mask students. Let them know we are watching, and we don’t trust them for a moment. Thanks in advance for taking action. Questions? Or ideas? Feel free to call Mike Pyatt at 307-267-1412.

It’s schools today. Could be your business tomorrow.


Your fellow Patriots

P.S.: Help us get the word out by forwarding this email to your friends and families in Natrona County, and encourage them to visit our website to sign up for future notices.