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20 Questions About COS


1. How would Delegates be selected or elected to a CONVENTION OF THE STATES?

2. What authority would be responsible for determining the number of Delegates from each state?

3. What authority would be responsible for electing the Delegates to the convention?

4. Would Delegates be selected based on Population, number of Registered Voters, or along Party lines?

5. Would Delegates be selected based on race, ethnicity or gender?

6. What authority would be responsible for organizing the convention, such as committee selection, committee chairs and members, etc.?

7. How would the number of Delegates serving on any committee be selected and limited?

8. How would the Chair of the Convention be selected or elected?

9. What authority will establish the Rules of the Convention, such as setting a quorum, how to proceed if a state wishes to withdraw its delegation, etc?

10. What authority would be responsible for selecting the venue for the Convention?

11. Would proposed amendments require a two-thirds majority vote for passage?

12. How would the number of votes required to pass a Constitutional Amendment be determined?

13. What would happen if the Convention of States decided to write its own rules so that 2/3 of the states need not be present to get amendments passed?

14. Could a state delegation be recalled by its legislature and its call for a convention be rescinded during the convention?

15. Would non-Delegates be permitted inside the convention hall?

16. Will demonstrators be allowed and/or controlled outside the convention hall?

17. Would congress decide to submit Convention of States amendments for ratification to the state legislatures or to a State Convention as permitted under Article V of the constitution?

18. Where would the Convention be held?

19. Who will fund this Convention?

20. If these questions cannot be answered (and they CANNOT!), then why would any state legislator even consider voting for such an uncertain event as an Article V Convention of States?