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Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 1 of 3

Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 2 of 3

Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 3 of 3


A Convention of States (COS) is dangerous and is not only a threat to Wyoming, but our country. “George Soros – the financier of global fascism – has pumped millions of dollars into the same Article V campaign…” Proponents of an Article V Constitutional Convention, also known as a Con-Con, are Progressive Liberals! And those who naively support a Con-Con argue we have to fix the U.S. Constitution. We have to be very clear on this, our Constitution is not broken! What we have is a systemic problem of politicians who refuse to honor their oath of office and defend and preserve the U.S. Constitution. No matter how many words you add to parchment, dishonorable politicians will do as they do now, ignore them.

If enough states can muster interest for a Con-Con, the states would better serve their citizens and our country by supporting state nullification, because nullification addresses the problem head on, the politicians themselves. For example, politicians can enact unconstitutional laws and the states just ignore them by refusing to abide by them. This keeps the Constitution intact, and in essence makes the politicians irrelevant. Because the federal government can only do what the states allow.

To have a Con-Con is Progressive Liberals dream come true. They would have the authority to rewrite the Constitution given to them by the states agreeing to a Con-Con. Supporters of a Con-Con should not be in public office.


Is a Con-Con Something to Worry About?

“Back in 1911, the South Dakota Legislature was 87% Republican. They ratified the 16th Amendment, and now we have the modern income tax. In 1913, the Legislature was 85% Republican. They ratified the 17th Amendment which gave the feds freedom to trample state government power. In 1918, the Legislature was 83% Republican and it ratified the 18th Amendment (prohibition of alcohol). Now we are told not to worry—no bad amendment from an Article Five Convention would stand a chance of being ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures. Besides, 28 of them are controlled by Republicans, and they would never ratify Progressive or simply bad amendments. But history gives ample reason for concern.”

~ Eldon Stahl