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2021 Summit Recap

2021 Summit Recap

Liberty’s Place 4 U WY would like to thank everyone who attended and participated at our December 2021 Summit, and thank you for your generous donations. We sincerely hope that all found it informative, beneficial, and fun.

Here is a very short recap of the exercise:

We had broken out into five groups, each to identify issues that should be addressed to enhance our liberty, what opportunities can be capitalized on, and action plans to resolves the issues. Below are the action plans that the groups came up with.

Group 1:
1) Eliminate Article 7; Education; State Institutions; Promotion of Health. Eliminate federal influence.
2) Allow private school money.

Group 2:
1) Organize circle of influence. Find hot button.
1) Assign tasks to group members.

Group 3:
1) Track vote on bills. Transparency in legislature.
2) Expose primary targets.

Group 4:
1) Referendum on run-off in primary.
2) Stop sending money to feds.

Group 5:
1) School choice and money stoppage.
2) Vet candidates better.

Each group selected one person to present their findings to all the groups with a short Q&A.

Toward the end of the Summit a new website was mentioned specifically for networking liberty groups within Wyoming. As explained on the site, “Wyoming Liberty Network is being created to provide a liberty network syndication of websites to highlight current issues throughout Wyoming. The reader will be afforded a one-stop location of an aggregation of news and relevant articles pertaining to liberty in Wyoming as well as alerts regarding what the reader can do to help in the cause of Liberty.” You can visit the site at, . The website is new, and not much there as of this writing, but it is encouraged that liberty groups that have compatible websites to participate.


2022 Budget Session

Wyoming’s 2022 Budget Session will start soon. You can find the bills that have been introduced on the state’s website – a link to the state’s site is located at the bottom of pages at Liberty’s Place 4 U WY,


Merry Christmas

All of us with Liberty’s Place 4 U WY wish you a very Merry Christmas, and may God have blessings on you and your families.