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School Board Trustees Endorsements

School Board Trustees Endorsements

Liberty’s Place 4 U Supporters,

November 8th is near. In Natrona County we believe that there’s no race more important than the one for School Board Trustees. It will be a watershed event. After carefully considering this very important race, that has attracted more interest than Lady Godiva in her heyday. It’s our hunch that Michael Stedaille will likely grab one of the seats, for a variety of reasons. That leaves three remaining.

While there may be other candidates who might stand for liberty, with the stakes this high, and the next four years ahead, we are convinced that this is no time for risky choices. Only three candidates, Jenifer Hopkins, Renae Redding, and Mary Schmidt, meet the threshold to consistently represent Liberty, and the interest of parents and children above policy and politics.

These three candidates were the first to expose the presence of pornographic books in NCSD libraries. They also confronted the current board of trustees unequivocally requesting the removal of those books.That battle isn’t over yet. Libertysplace4U is convinced they are our best choice for returning the schools where it should be-in the hands of parents, who are the foremost educators of their children.

They share our concerns and values. They understand that teachers should be able to teach and hone their craft, and that the residents of Natrona County should receive value for their investment. Together they have children in elementary, middle and high school. When you vote on November 8th, please vote for Jenifer Hopkins, Renae Redding and Mary Schmidt. We will.

Liberty’s Place 4 U Founders