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Sept 25 Thank You

Sept 25 Thank You

September 28, 2021

Fellow Patriots:

Our fourth Town Hall is history. We gathered at the Ramkota Hotel last Saturday to show our support for Wyoming Medical Freedom Advocates, who are facing medical tyranny from Banner Health, by forcing them to make a choice-take the vaccine or lose their job and livelihood. There were more than eighty passionate Patriots gathered to hear the compelling testimonials by a dentist, physician, RN’s, and EMT’s regarding this ominous shadow that has been cast over their lives. If unaltered, by November 1st, this drastic measure will wreak havoc upon employees, and Banner’s capacity to deliver healthcare to our community.

The gravity of the evening was palpable. It was obvious that we must all stand against the forces of darkness as corporate tyrants bully employees, who were hailed as heroes during the COVID onslaught, that now are apparently expendable. Legislator Chuck Gray added his voice to this effort that reminded us that we must keep the pressure on Governor Mark Gordon to call a special session to craft legislation to end to this draconian over-reach by Banner Health. Three of Libertysplace4u members echoed the sentiment that to advance Liberty, it requires resolute action by citizens who understand the fight is here and now, and masks and vaccine mandates are only symptomatic of the erosion of our Liberties.

By evening’s end, it was obvious that it would demand marshaling the resources of our community and cohorts around the state of Wyoming for such a time as this. This fight has just begun. Their battle is our battle. This time it’s healthcare workers. It begs the question. Who’s next? From the audience’s response they understood that we must all be engaged to stop this assault on individual God given liberty, that threatens the very core of our Constitutional and human rights.

Not only were attendees fully engaged with questions and comments, they were unselfish in their donations to our cause. It was a record amount for us. We are truly thankful for those who chose to spend the evening with us to echo the cry of these beleaguered, but hopeful, healthcare workers, “We will not comply!”

One more action item. Call Banner Health’s CEO, Peter S. Fine, who authorized this mandate, at 602-747-4000 and demand he revoke this draconian measure.



Always for Liberty,