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Those Pesky Distractions To Liberty

Those Pesky Distractions To Liberty

Rising China and reinvigorated Russia under Putin’s tyrannical control, are among a legion of distractions to individual liberty in a nation easily distracted. Taking one’s eye off the prize has predictable and disastrous consequences. Since the 2020 election that installed Joe Biden as the 46th President, some have behaved as if Liberty has evanesced from earth. It’s understandable when one focuses on the bogey men under the bed. That’s exactly what the progressive Left, Socialist and Satan planned. It appears they never sleep, according to author Cheryl K. Chumley, whose compelling book entitled “Socialist Don’t Sleep,” reminds Christians we must rise, or America will fall. Sadly too many have been willing participants in the apparent demise of Liberty.

This assault on Liberty didn’t start yesterday. It has been a slow train coming. Few even know when it left the station. In 1811, John Adams, a resolute Federalist, wrote to Josiah Quincy, about future changes, “I cannot see any better principle at present than to make as little innovation as possible; keep things going as well as we can in the present train.” Adams knew the Constitution and its construction was grand with little need for tinkering. He also knew it would be assaulted by tyrants and rouges, from near an far, foreign and domestic, whose impulses are for its destruction.

As late as the summer of 1789, Thomas Paine himself, whom Edmund Burke befriended, wrote to Burke in Paris in the hope that the great orator might be persuaded to introduce “a more enlarged system of liberty” into England, as had happened in America. Paine’s concern for England was based on his own fear that liberty was still quite fragile in his own country, as was on the lips of many of the Founders, who understood that fragility of a freshly signed Constitution. They foresaw a godless generation, and it’s possible implications. Woodrow Wilson wrote of Burke, “Burke was himself, and was right, when he warned England against the Revolution in France.”

Like death, that follows closely after birth, so did the light of liberty as a delicate flame. There’s no shortage of solemn warnings from Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, Jay, Jefferson, Madison or Washington, that we love to quote as our pledge of being on the right side of Liberty, gripping our pocket Constitution in hand as our vouchsafe. As 2023, cast its ominous shadow upon Liberty, it will take more than hysteria, or mellifluous quotes.

For Patriots of old, and those today in Natrona County, demand unbridled engagement, in-your-face campaigns, to take back Virtuous Liberty. One must have the spirit of irrepressible freedom, to be unapologetically free. An unvarnished pledge of liberty of the kind that kindled those words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death,” at Virginia’s Second Convention. A call to arms for we who love liberty today, more than life. It seems counter intuitive in distant Wyoming to have to bear arms someday. However, one must be resolute at this moment before it arrives at one’s door step. Like Patrick Henry knew-we are already at war in the public square of ideas.

To be admired and liked is major distraction in this battle for Liberty. As a trait, admired by some, is but lethal to the cause-“to be liked by everyone.” Trump followers understood he didn’t give a damn if anyone liked him. He couldn’t care less, be intimidated, or bought. Today’s genuine Patriot must adopt that thick-skinned exterior. Telling establishment GOP we are coming after them, exposing their thin veneer of feigned liberty, won’t win a popularity contest. Telling them that we are aware of their duplicitous trail of words, takes grit to advance liberty where one lives. Beware of those bearing gifts of flattery.

Another subtle, but disarming distraction, “But, they’re Republicans!” Don’t give a free pass to anyone just because they have an R behind their name. That’s an old strategy in Natrona County who’s time is up. For generations voters have fallen for that political ruse. This recent 2022 Mid-term, Liberty’s Place 4 U WY, founded two years back, helped flush out some of the “good old boys” whose stock and trade’s masquerading as a Conservative, then voting more like a Democrat, often worse. Sadly, the average Natrona County GOP citizen either didn’t know better, or didn’t care. Our appeal is to those who didn’t know otherwise.

Patriots stepped into the fray in 2022, to offer a superior and appealing message that resonated with voters. No new taxes. Smaller government at all levels. Reign in property taxes. Shake up the status quo. Stand for the unborn and born. Replacing those who’ve taken voters for granted. Further, promising those remaining establishment GOP, “We are coming after you in next voting cycle.” No more running unopposed. Unconvinced? Ask Rob Hendry, Joe McGuire, Drew Perkins, Paul Bertoglio, or Pat Sweeney.

No more free passes. It’s a major distraction to Liberty. Ask Bill Allemand, Bob Ide, Dallas Laird, Tony Locke, or Jeanette Ward, who weren’t distracted by the drone of empty promises, and business as usual. The Natrona County GOP is woefully out of touch, having listened to their own voices so long they’ve duped themselves, while Liberty was in revival mode around them. Moms for Liberty shook up the NCSD taking two seats in November, after launching an unprecedented attack on pornographic books in school libraries, bringing them to the light of day.

Surrendering the Constitution to “experts” is another disastrous distraction to Liberty. Most notably when the Dr. Anthony Fauci and his ilk, lied to us about COVID-19. How many times did the CDC reverse their “expert opinions.” Follow the science” we were admonished. When we did, it clashed with their narrative. Coronavirus was the platform for a declaration of war on American’s individual liberty overnight, tyranny by unelected officials, globalists, Socialists, and collectivist efforts to make us wiling slaves to “experts” who knew better than we knaves, and what’s “best for the most.” How many times did healthcare “experts” attempt to shame us into taking the jab, and wear a “mask for the good of others?”

Many believe government intrusion is a slippery slope to certain domination of individual liberty without a fight, shutting down churches without a whimper from many congregations, while some who had their hand out for government dole to replenish their coffers. It was a bleak time for America, as our Constitution and liberties were pilloried without a shot fired. For generations experts told us, for health reasons, to stop smoking, swear off sweets, reject large soda drinks, eat more of this or that, and mandatory vaccines for “our well being.” All part of the Socialist, Communist dream. Eroding our freedoms and individual liberty for decades, one “expert” at a time.

A November 22nd edition of “The Federalist” reminds readers, “The Respect for Marriage Act is an exercise in Tyranny, and everyone knows it.” Except the twelve Republicans, who voted to advance H.R. 8404, are gaslighting the American public. Milquetoast Utah Senator Mitt Romney, and Wyoming’s politically schizophrenic Senator Cynthia Lummis failed to consider the plight of a religious institution, like Wyoming Catholic College, if they denied a same-sex marriage couple admission, or housing, It makes outlaws of people of faith who hold Biblical standards above congressional fiat. Bureaucrats deride them as “bigots.”

Avoid distractions by scoffers and naysayer, who, by fear or fiat, tolerate totalitarian-style governors, executive orders, and unelected officials to defy their rights of free assembly, as adequate reason to avoid confrontation. They will say, in a shrill voice, “It can’t be done,” “We’ve never tried it before,” or “Don’t make trouble.” How many warned express rider, Paul Revere of the dangers of riding through the countryside, with British troops on guard, at midnight, in 1775, on that horse? Fortunately, he wasn’t distracted or cowed by naysayers.

Another distraction to Liberty is amnesia of our history and the high cost of Liberty. FDR and elitist “government knows best” working hand-in-hand with Socialist surprises few who know their history. Taking a closer look at today’s political landscape should shock the conscience of Liberty-minded citizens considering the perilous shift in college student’s mindset, who now view Socialism more favorably than Capitalism, according to a recent Fox News poll. Most would abolish private property rights if in their power. Despite that fact that Socialism has failed miserably everywhere, these students don’t know history. Gallup’s Poll in 2020, reported that 43% of Americans think Socialism would be a good thing for America. Even if those numbers are skewed, it’s a direct assault on Liberty.

What’s a greater threat to our Constitutional Republic than 100 million Socialist activist? Fifty million lukewarm Christians, who’ve refused to obey the Scriptures, to be salt and light. Good intentions will be insufficient to safeguard Liberty and justice. This delusion leads to the triumph of every demagogue and tyrant. It demands righteous action. Advancing Liberty will require a new generation of bare knuckled Christians, willing to battle in the market place of ideas, and if required, somberly wage war in the streets against officialdom tyranny, for Virtuous Liberty’s sake. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His mail’s