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Town Hall Thank You, July 20, 2021

Town Hall Thank You, July 20, 2021

July 25, 2021

Friends of Liberty:

Our third Town Hall is now history. We consider it a watershed event, building bridges with law enforcement in Natrona County. Overall, we believe we accomplished our goal of giving a voice to the citizens of Natrona County and beyond. About 65 attended. There were visitors from Cheyenne, Platte County and Sheridan.

Our special thanks to newly appointed Natrona County Sheriff, John Harlin, Chief of Police Mike Thompson of Evansville, and Mark Jones, from Gun Owners of America. This event signaled law enforcement that we have their back. And, we expect them to have ours, protecting our Second Amendment. That is our Guard-rail for all others.

Post town hall comments have been primarily favorable. Some found the acoustics and microphones distracting. To the extent possible, we plan to remedy that in future venues. Conducting a town hall requires multiple factors to intersect for an enjoyable and inspiring event. We wish to thank everyone in attendance for your generous donations. It is possible to donate HERE. Be assured that we value your comments and solicit feedback that helps us in planning future events. Please visit our website to stay abreast of our next venue. It’s imperative that all of us stay engaged and active. We stand with you in the fight for Liberty.


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