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April 2 Town Hall Thank You

April 2 Town Hall Thank You

April 10, 2021

Dear Fellow Patriots:

Thank you for attending our second town hall on April 2nd, Good Friday. We know that many of you had to make a special effort to work around the events of that glorious day. We trust you enjoyed our speaker Leah Southwell, who made a strong case for the “Consequences of a Constitutional Convention.” Forty-three citizens attended the event. Twenty completed the “Your Opinion Counts Survey” providing us with timely and relevant feedback to assess our efforts for the evening, and to plan for future events. On the survey question, “Should Wyoming Join the Convention of States?” Of the 20 respondents, 5 were favorable, 7 unfavorable, and 7 were undecided, with 1 “no response.” We were encouraged that most attendees appeared to enjoy the Q & A time that was lively and spirited.

On the second question, “For future town halls or venues, what topics or issues interest you?” Guns, Taxes and Nullification of Federal Laws tied with 16 votes. Sheriff garnered 10, Wyoming Business Council 8, Chief of Police 5 votes, and other/education was last with 1 vote. One of our founding members astutely observed that the 2nd Amendment, Sheriff, Chief of Police, and nullification are inextricably linked. Please know that we will seriously consider those topics and your valuable feedback as we plan future events that advance liberty. Not surprisingly, from our first town hall in Bar Nunn, the 2nd Amendment was at the top of the list from the survey we conducted.

As a small expression of our appreciation for your early support of our efforts to bring the voice of Liberty to the citizens of Natrona County, we will conduct a random drawing for two, $25 dollar, gift certificates for your dining pleasure, at The Hangar Bar n Grill, located in Bar Nunn. Winners will be announced on our website, Please check our website when we announce the winners on Friday, April 16th. Those who registered for the first or second town hall, will be included in the random drawing.

We encourage you to take the time to browse the latest updates, news items, articles, helpful links, and future events to stay abreast of what is going on in Natrona County, and the State of Wyoming, as we pursue individual Liberty under God. Once again, we thank you for making our town halls special by your participation and support. There’s a place for comments on the website. Your comments are always welcome.

Your Fellow Patriots,