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Town Hall April 2, 2021

Town Hall April 2, 2021 will host a Town Hall Meeting at the Clarion Inn at Platte River located at 1 Parkway Plaza Drive in Casper on Friday, April 2, 2021, at 6PM. is committed to providing Casper citizens an opportunity to participate in public discussion on a wide range of issues that can impact their future.

At the time of this release, our State Legislature is deciding if Wyoming will be the 16th state to join the call for a Constitutional Convention.

“Consequences of a Constitutional Convention” featuring Leah Southwell will introduce you to the consequences that could emerge from a convention called by the States. Having lived in Santiago, Chile, and Holland, Leah will bring a unique perspective on how liberty-minded Constitutional reformist can find their efforts derailed and re-directed.

The legitimacy of 2/3rds of the State legislatures “to call a Convention for proposing Amendments,” under Article V-is not disputed. The wisdom of applying this untested formula for the purpose of amending the US Constitution has yet to be decided and worthy of critical examination.

Join us on Friday, April 2nd at 6PM. Come early and check out the updated Clarion Inn, lounge, and restaurant. We look forward to hearing you voices because this is too important to miss. If you have any questions visit our website at or call Mike Pyatt at 307-267-1412.

She is here to warn us of the potential consequences of a Constitutional Convention, and those pushing this initiative. Written constitutions, though designed to endure, are remarkably fragile, with mean lifespan of only 17 years for all countries since 1789. She will provide what superior options we have to restore the proper balance between the States and the Federal government in order to rein in the abuses of power, before considering a Constitutional Convention. You may be shocked to know who is calling for a “Convention of the States.” There will be a Q & A time after the presentation.


Clarion Inn at Platte River