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Category: <span>Public Service Announcement</span>

Category: Public Service Announcement

Liberty in the Park

“Liberty in the Park” on Saturday, September 9th. Just before we nudge Summer out of the way, the celebration commences at 2PM, at Washington Park in Casper, Wyoming. It should wrap up around 6PM. School will be back in session, and we thought liberty-minded folks will be in the mood to celebrate our Independence, even if it’s not July 4th. There are solid reasons. One, to love it and nurture it, knowing it’s under assault, like no other time since 1775. Second, we plan to assure Virtuous Liberty’s future is bright, strong and vibrant. This outdoor event could appeal to …

Wyoming Freedom Caucus Town Hall

Join the  Wyoming Freedom Caucus Saturday April 15th, to help them kick off their statewide Town Hall Tour. Come meet many of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus members, including some of our own local Natrona County legislators. Special appearance by Secretary of State Chuck Gray is also expected. Date:  April 15th Time:  10am to 12:00pm Where:  Hilton Garden Inn, 150 N. Poplar, Casper, Wyoming For more information: Facebook Events  

Campaign 4 Liberty – March 9

Dear Patriot, Wyoming’s general legislative session is nearing wrap-up time, with midnight on March 3 as the date slated for adjournment. Rather than relying on hearsay, fake news outlets and misinformation by the press, we are going to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – or rather, straight from the mouths of our Natrona County legislators! As witness to my first in-person full session for two months at the Capitol, I can honestly say that it has been an eye opener. Unfortunately, there were numerous things that were worse than I anticipated. But thankfully, there were numerous bright spots …