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Category: <span>Public Service Announcement</span>

Category: Public Service Announcement

2022 GOP Primary Endorsements

Libertysplace4U’s passion and purpose is to advance individual Liberty in our county, and beyond. To that end, it’s with measured gravity when we endorse a candidate for elected office. Whether it’s for the legislature, governor, commissioner, local school board, city council, or a seat on the GOP precinct, it’s our duty to properly vet each candidate on their merits, relevant background, stated purpose for candidacy, grassroots activity, and their unequivocal defense and support of the Life of the Unborn, Second Amendment, Wyoming and U.S. Constitutions, and the Bill of Rights. We need elected officials to say “No” to more taxes, …

Where Are The Images?

Bad news of a new abortion clinic in Casper traveled fast. It prompted a pro-life rally and prayer vigil in front of their building at 918 E. 2nd Street, on April 21st. One media outlet estimated there were about 150 demonstrators expressing their opposition to the arrival Circle of Hope Clinic. Clinic supporters, including president Julia Burkhart, perched stoically on their lawn chairs, admonishing anyone close to violating their space. They displayed a deceptive sign, “Love is the language spoken here.” Counterfeit love. Killing babies isn’t love. Many prayed. Signs were displayed by pro-life advocates. One was, “Remember the Unborn.” …