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Damsels of Death Return to Casper

Damsels of Death Return to Casper

At a rather nondescript unoccupied commercial building, located at 918 E. 2nd Street in Casper, will soon be a haven for death. D.C. based Circle of Hope is stealthily scheming to establish, under the radar, a new abortion clinic. LibertysPlace4U supporters understand the mainstream media exist to divide and distract us over issues like the Wyoming’s SAPA bill, or as less trivial events on Facebook catch our fancy. Too many overlooked the recent news on social media that Jeff Bezos’ ex wife, MacKenzie Scott, donated an unprecedented $275 million dollars to Planned Parenthood. The largest individual donation ever.

Circle of Hope’s renting that Casper space from ACNOW LLC, in Cheyenne,1621 Central Avenue, classified as “Casper Commercial Central.” We’re obligated to make it clear abortion providers are unwelcome. Soon we plan a protest. Before and after they open the doors to a corridor of death. This has nothing to do with public health. Both the unborn and women are their targets and remain at risk unless we act.

A closer look at their founding Circle of Hope’s board exposes Julie A. Burkhart is President and Founder of these butcher shops for the past twelve years. She worked side-by-side for seven years with Dr. George Tiller “the Baby Killer.” She was Chair of Wichita Choice Alliance, leading a community response against anti-choice organizations that were intent to “finish the job” by shutting them down. She operated another clinic “Summer of Mercy Renewal,” advancing Tiller’s vision for “reproductive justice” through the Circle of Hope clinics. Late term abortionist Tiller was assassinated on May 31, 2009, by Scott Roeder.

They’ve hijacked words of virtue like “hope, mercy, renewal and justice,” to deceive women and girls to enslavement by death instead of life. Ms. Burkhart built from her kitchen table an endeavor into a $5 million dollar organization. Make no mistake, it’s big business, where babies and women are dispensable commodities. The other two founding member’s bios mirror the president. Circle of Hope’s mission statement, “We envision a world where every person has the right to choose what is best for them and their family.” Sadly, the unborn have no voice in their equation. With such “choices” there will be be no family. Her colleague Christie Burkhart, brags that she brings the tenacity and dedication needed in “today’s abortion access denial climate.” They’re serious. Deadly serious.

Circle of Hope Heath Care Services masquerade as healthcare services for women. It does no such thing. They lie to their clients about the life of the unborn and the hazardous outcome that will haunt women for years, unless they find forgiveness in Christ Jesus. On their home page they brag, “We are excited to bring abortion care to underserved areas.” Wyoming is, in their vernacular, “desperately underserved, to say the least. There is one medication abortion provider in the state, who is in Jackson, which is on the western side of the state. Therefore, if a person needs surgical abortion services, they are forced to go to another state, such as Montana or Utah.” They claim in Utah women must wait 72 hours, which is cumbersome for Wyoming women, and present too many hurdles for them.

Further, they contend that women are forced “to go to another state.” How are they forced? Who’s forcing them? Family? Fathers? Gunpoint? One reason’s because the damsels of death provide no option to their clients. They contend it’s too cumbersome and inconvenient for various reasons. Those who love the unborn and born, know how “inconvenient and cumbersome” it is for those slaughtered in these abortion mills. And when they say “people’s healthcare” they mean women. Women are unequivocally their target. It’s an anti-life philosophy that has been foisted upon our culture.

However, there are powerful testimonies by young girls and women, who confess that life will never be the same in their post-abortion world. This anonymous quote by a 16 year old victim underscores the mendacity perpetuated on vulnerable women, “Nobody will ever understand what you will go through after it’s all done. Abortion doesn’t make a baby go away; it just makes a dead baby.” Sadness, grief, loss, guilt, shame and remorse are the grievous outcomes from an abortion, that leave the woman wounded and the baby dead. A culture of death celebrated by millions since Roe v. Wade, in 1973. Sixty million dead babies later.

In 2017, Casper’s Planned Parenthood closed their doors after more than forty years, because of financial reasons, reported by the Casper Star Tribune. Only North Dakota and Wyoming wouldn’t have a Planned Parent affiliate. Pro-life advocates rejoiced, as supporters mourned their departure. Let those who love virtuous liberty and babies, be resolute and vigilant, while these damsels of death, masquerading as “women’s healthcare providers” sneak back into Casper. They left before due to financial reasons. Let’s ensure that happens again. For prayer warriors, fervently beseech God to providentially diminish their footprint in Casper. At this time their director, staff or presiding board members are unknown.

It’ll require your cooperation as we protest and expose their intent before they arrive. No welcome mats or ribbon cutting ceremony. Simultaneously we must resist their efforts on two fronts; first exposing their presence, disrupting their operations; and second, supporting Casper’s True Care Women’s Resource Center, who informs women with the truth about their unborn, while supporting their decisions to embrace life, with vital, loving resources.

Nothing’s more essential to our mission of advancing liberty than defending the most vulnerable-the unborn. Join us to protest this vile business that threatens the unborn, and lies to mothers about their offspring. Stay informed as we announce protest dates on our website. It’s time to act now.

Staunchly for Life,

Liberty’s Place 4 U WY