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The Wheels of Liberty Turn

The Wheels of Liberty Turn

Expectantly watching the long convoy of freedom truckers exit Interstate 90, rolling into Gillette, Wyoming, last week, greeted by long line of cheering flag waving Patriotic citizens from around the Cowboy state, served as a stark reminder-this Spirit of Liberty must never wane, be taken for granted, or permitted to fade due to apathy. At considerable risk and personal sacrifice, these convoys, are counter-culture warriors, rolling through cities on their way to Washington D.C. What began as protests against tyranny from COVID mandates, has grown rapidly, coast to coast for individual Liberty under God. Actual and perceived threats to our Constitutional guarantees fuel this movement, whose impact won’t be isolated to our turf only.

While “January 6th” is a bitter pill for the progressive Left to swallow. On the Beltway, it’s as a reminder that the establishment, Socialist and Communist, won’t tolerate our Constitutional right to protest, unless it’s Black Lives Matter. The mainstream media once again label us “terrorist” and “white supremacist” joined by the DOJ and FBI. CNN reports that the DOD approved 700 national guardsman and 50 tactical vehicles to provide “command and control,” monitoring “domestic terrorist.” Conversely, Senator Rand Paul welcomes the convoys coming to D.C Civil disobedience, “a time honored tradition,” the Senator reminded a skeptical CNN reporter.

Most patriots express legitimate concerns regarding how these truckers will be treated by heavy handed Capitol Police, national guard, and whatever Biden’s cohorts devise. It’s clear to Patriots who support this movement, that regardless of one’s occupation, social status, or station in life, we are one-for-freedom and liberty. Otherwise, liberty evanesces like a vapor before our eyes. It’s untenable to consider that outcome. Prayer vigils punctuate our landscape in support of this fresh outbreak of liberty that’s necessary to advance our noble cause, and stem the tide of erosion.

Inherent in this movement is the understanding that centralized government is a bane to problem solving-it is the problem. Powerful statism fosters a false beguiling mood of optimism, with a propensity toward cupidity, followed by decadence that is rotting the core our ancient creed of individual virtuous liberty.

Following a visit to America in 1921, G.K. Chesterton posed this question, “What makes America peculiar?” His answer, “America is the only nation in the world founded on a creed. That creed is set forth with dogmatic and even theological lucidity in the Declaration of Independence.” One is free to believe that or not. We aren’t free to capitulate to our self-interest, and ignore that the Founder’s finger prints are all over this land. Our patriotism has, by all accounts, been buoyed by this movement of the convoy of truckers, whose spirit has penetrated and impassioned the heart of this Republic. It’s apparent that our Founders were able to curtail self-interest.

Would God use an eighteen-wheeler to advance His agenda? He once used a jackass to speak for Him, in Numbers 22:20. Are such events the nexus of circuitous circumstances? Or Spirit led? Surely we are summoned to exercise our God given First Amendment voice to push back against a rapidly shifting culture and rouge government who has drawn a line that must be violated. We aren’t called to answer for others. But we are obligated to know His voice in these matters. Christians surely understand we’re created “for such a time as this.”

Two millennia ago, Paul and Silas were reviled, “These two have turned the world upside down.” Such men were unconcerned for themselves, or what men wanted to hear. Rather, what they needed to hear, ever nudging them toward Eternity, driven by boldness and conviction. We occupy a world “turned upside down.” Not by the Gospel, but an increasingly pagan culture that’s in utter denial of absolute Truth. It’s self-evident that relativism rules and reigns in the public schools and public square, and the world stage, exposing a bedeviling spirit that celebrates execrable, deviant behavior as the new norm.

Make no mistake, this upheaval isn’t happenstance, as some have assigned to this unraveling of Western Civilization and Christian moorings. Most notably, highjacked by the ubiquitous “green movement” of environmentalism, cloaked in flora and fauna, virtually unfettered, penetrates nearly every fiber of our society, from kindergarten to professional schools. Global warming and melting polar ice caps, disappearing species are scare tactics, with a dire warning of an unsustainable future, unless one boards the “Thunberg train” to global bliss. Under Biden, our government is the main financier of this international shakedown of liberties.

In 1979, John Madison, observed, “Hunting is one of the last genuine, personal adventures of modern man. Just as game animals are the truest indicators of quality natural environment, so hunting is the truest indicator of quality natural freedom.” Great Britain, once the pioneer of big game hunting worldwide, caved to pressure from so-called “international environmentalist conservationist” banning trophy import of a range of commonly hunted species, ignoring the fact that most of these animals are the healthiest population of trophy game like lion, elephants, rhinos, Africa buffalo and Zebras. Contrary to the narrative of anti-hunting pirates, who are willing to deny those African communities interest, whose livelihoods depend upon international hunting.

Whether the battle’s in the D.C. Beltway, the classroom, or the great out-of-doors, liberty’s at risk. We’re not excused from active duty, to simultaneously opposing evil, and passing the torch off to another generation. It’s worth standing once again. Instead of retreating to a hermetically sealed world that won’t turn the world right-side-up. Regardless of your vernacular, “10-4 Good Buddy,” or “I’ve got it,” both acknowledge liberty isn’t self-perpetuating. That’s our role. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s