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Letter from Ammon Bundy

Letter from Ammon Bundy

Hey Bob,

Earlier today I had a friend reach out to me and ask what I thought about the hundreds of Los Angeles firefighters refusing to get the vaccine and vowing to fight the administration who is forcing it. Of course my response was “AWESOME AND ABOUT TIME!”. However, now that I have had a few hours to think about it I am a bit bothered that these COVID mandates have gone so far and the people’s response has been so weak and slow.

If you remember, by this time last year my patriot friends and I had made international news several times for pushing hard against the unprecedented loss of liberty that somehow became excusable to many because of an unverified pandemic caused by an unidentifiable virus. In fact, my friends and I were arrested many times last year for exercising rights that “THE GOVERNMENT” said were only privileges. Let me give you an example: In April of 2020 we held a public Easter service in an old warehouse just days after Governor Little issued his statewide lock-down order. Through public records requests we now know that Governor Little was planning to send the Idaho State Police to raid our Easter worship services. According to the public records, lead “law enforcement” officers in Idaho felt the raid was justified but that it would be a public relations nightmare because “I owned the building”. Therefore they did not go through with the raid.

Imagine what must be going through these people’s minds to justify raiding people having a worship service in the United States of America. They must have no regard whatsoever for the United States Constitution. Do you think they have ever read the First Amendment? The part where it says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”? What about Article 1 section 4 of the Idaho Constitution where it states that “The exercise and enjoyment of religious faith and worship shall forever be guaranteed.” But no, Idaho State Police, Colonel Kendrick Wills, along with Governor Brad Little, plotted to raid a worship service in Emmett Idaho. They must believe they have the authority to raid and arrest people In Idaho for holding a service where people are worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ without their permission. I hate to say it but I am positive that almost every ISP officer (if not all) would have gone along with it and justified their actions by saying “I was just following orders”. What about the oath they took to uphold the Constitution?

Anyhow, I am glad that more people like firefighters and nurses are finally standing up to this nonsense and terrible destruction of liberty. Will it be enough? I am not sure. The propaganda has been so deceptive, the censoring so complete and the funding so great that not even honest, world-renowned doctors screaming at the top of their lungs have a voice loud enough to penetrate.

The human side of me wants to say to these firefighters, nurses and police, Where were you when this same thing was happening to the ranchers, miners and loggers? Were you some of the people saying we were crazy and radicals for standing up against those forcing us from our livelihoods? Were you some of the people that mocked us and made fun of us while our entire lives were turned upside down? Were you one of the people that believed the news reporters when they demonized us for trying to protect our lives and our property? How does it feel now that it is happening to you?

I know these thoughts are not thoughts that are conducive to unity or liberty. I know I must put these thoughts away and have compassion upon these people, even though some of them did not help us and only made the pain more intense. Why is it the nature of almost all humans to only care when it personally affects them? My human side wants to say to the nurses and firefighters, Weren’t you the ones pushing COVID last year while the rest of us were being locked up in our homes with our businesses and jobs shut down? Weren’t you the ones that received all kinds of bonuses and benefits for being on the ”front lines” “saving us all” from a virus that has a comparative death probability to the flu? Weren’t you the ones pushing everyone to wear a mask and to do what we were told? Now things are different, right?. Now when the same people who paid you those great bonuses are pushing you to inject poison into your body you are crying for help. After saying nothing about shutting down churches and businesses, locking us in our homes, now that it affects you personally, you want our help.

Almost every day I have someone come to me from the medical profession asking for help. Asking, Ammon, will you stand for us, will you help us fight to keep our jobs? We don’t want to lose our jobs and we have seen what the vaccine is doing to people. Well, like I said, it’s about time. After the private ranches have been decimated to almost nothing. After family loggers and miners have been completely destroyed and replaced with federal corporate contractors. After small businesses and churches were closed because they were categorized as “non-essential”. After many patriots were arrested for non-compliance with COVID mandates and you had your laugh making fun of us. After all of this, will we help you? Yes, yes we will help you. We will put aside our families duties, our jobs, our comforts and peace and we will come stand with you!

But remember this before you unite with us. We have been radicalized. The loss of our homes, our jobs, our churches. The threat to our children’s future, our liberty and our freedom. The time we have spent in jails and prison standing for your and my rights. All of this has radicalized us and awakened us to the awful situation we know we are in. So don’t ask us to join you if you’re not really committed to solving the problem. If all you want to do is keep your job, that’s not good enough. If all you want to do is get more benefits and a pension from the very people that are destroying liberty, that’s not good enough. However, if you want liberty for all, then we will stand with you. If you want peace and justice for everyone, now is the time to unite. If you are willing to give up your job, your comforts and even your honored reputation to help your neighbor, then let’s talk.

These medical professionals are right for refusing the poison in the COVID shot. Should they lose their job for refusing it? NO. Can we work together? Can we help each other? Yes. Should we?….YES, yes, yes we should. As children of God we forgive each other and we stand together on correct principles. I am grateful that many doctors, nurses, firefighters, and even police officers are speaking out and refusing to allow other people to make decisions over their body. I forgive them and desire to stand with them as they stand for what is right.

Your Friend,

Ammon Bundy