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Liberty At The Brink

Liberty At The Brink

A recent Facebook post declared, “We need another Tea Party!” How about a Second American Revolution? Such a book was written by constitutional attorney, John Whitehead, in 1982, nine years after Roe v. Wade, “The Second American Revolution,” that argued without a dominant Christian culture, our system of government and jurisprudence make no sense, ultimately leading to our demise and loss of individual liberty. His 2015, book, “Battlefield America” may be the primer for liberty minded citizens today, to combat this run-amok government, hell-bent on assaulting on our Second Amendment, eroding other liberties that threaten to evanesce before our eyes, and simultaneously spending our nation into oblivion. Sound daunting?

Our most dire threat is domestic-our own government-coming soon to your own back yard, neighborhood or town, to assault our liberty. Are we that far down road of no return? Who predicted that the 2020 Wuhan virus would be used to cudgel the American public into submission, shutting down the world’s most vibrant economy, with barely a whimper from dutifully masked American citizens, who voluntarily waved the flag of surrender, aided by health officials, mainstream media, and social platform moguls.

Swarmy Dr. Anthony Fauci, the pied piper and face of COVID-19, serial liar, who, without hesitation, peddled new scare tactics with each cameo appearance. Gullible, frightened Americans, obsequiously swallowed it hook, line and sinker. We’re watching another lockdown being foisted upon us, in many states, some of which never recovered from the 2020 lockdown. Small businesses and school kids are most vulnerable, despite the seductive CARES Act bailout, that’s corrupt, undermine independence, individual liberty and sense of dignity. Formerly, some recall feeling ill, going to the doctor, only to be told, “There’s nothing I can do, it’s a virus.”

Jurisprudence’s wobbly too. Sadly, Trump’s last Supreme Court appointment, Amy Coney Barrett, who oversees the federal appeals court, in the first anti-mandate case, after lower courts declined to block it, denied eight student’s legal bid, she ruled that Indiana University students can’t block the school’s vaccine mandate before entering school this Fall. She offered no rationale. Another body blow to individual liberty as our judiciary drives another spike into liberty’s coffin, like Roe v. Wade.

That shining beacon on a hill, is now a dimming flicker, under a basket somewhere. We must rekindle that flame. Losing the battle to not be vaccinated poses a direct threat to freedom’s liberty, that will remove our guard rail of defense; our Constitutional God-given rights. Apparently, advancing liberty isn’t a spectator sport.

Our once unshakable foundation of moral rectitude, anchored in biblical principles as our core, now embraces and promotes a “gender fluid” sexual preference nightmare, ignoring only two genders, at birth, since Adam and Eve. The rogue American Medical Association recommends not designating new borns as “male” or “female.” Their reasoning, the committee said, “assigning a sex using a binary variable and placing it on the birth certificate perpetuates a view that it is immutable.” Birth certificates, they argue, have historically “been used to discriminate, promote racial hierarchies, and promote miscegenation.” Woke physicians are hazardous to our health and liberty. How does the AMA appoint committees like this? In 60 AD, Apostle Paul opined, “But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing that is formed say to Him who formed it, ‘Why have you made me like this?’”(Rom. 9:20)

History chronicles the longing for freedom and liberty in every mortal, since time immemorial. To offer a working distinction between freedom and liberty, often used interchangeably, it’s pivotal to understand that freedom is that internal longing, burning in the bosom of all mortals-from birth. Liberty is the external, or outward manifestation of that internal longing. For example, freedom abides in the soul of billions who are less than chattel in brutal nations like Cameroon, Communist China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, according to Human Rights Watch. Yet, those who’ve tasted liberty, albeit fleetingly, are undeterred by capture, incarceration, endless torture and death, as millions have been slaughtered in these gulags, though longing for a morsel of liberty.

Sadly, Americans have adopted a callous, cavalier attitude toward engaging liberty, and it shows. Even a cursory review of writings by those who have inspired, defended freedom and liberty throughout history like Edmund Burke, John Adams, James Fenimore Cooper, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Frederic Bastiat, T.S. Eliot, Friedrich Hayek, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman and Ron and Rand Paul, underscore the necessity of grasping the inestimable cost of liberty. Most opposed the heavy hand of a central government, who delights in vexing their constituency with burdensome taxes and draconian policies, designed to leverage and protect elitist professions and politicians.

What’s the nexus between debt and liberty? By 2028, should liberty prevail, the national debt, according to Forbes, will be $78 trillion. Since 1913, the Federal Reserve’s unconstitutional monetary policies, have created crushing debt that is unsustainable and threatens our Republic’s sustainability. Once the gold standard was abandoned in 1971, the federal budget has had a surplus in only four of forty-eight years. When Jimmy Carter took office, the debt was about $670 billon. Four years later, it had risen to $965 billion. Through January, 2020, under President Trump, debt grew $3.3 trillion, according to Fortune Magazine, “How Could Debt Blow Up the Trump Economy?”

How much debt is too much? The government is only as solvent as it’s citizens. Covid-19, with rare exceptions, severely crippled corporate and individual solvency, disrupting the balance of the economy and supply chains. Under Trump, at least jobs were plentiful and wages at the highest in nearly sixty years. However, with that level of debt, with Biden, and his parasites, taxation’s haute couture. Ronald Reagan understood, apparently theoretically. Debt increased $1.77 trillion during his two terms, according to He stated, “There is a clear cause and effect here as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.” Econ.101.

What happens when moral motions clash with economic prosperity? Calvin Coolidge’s moral economic philosophy was tied to his devotion to the Constitution. He understood the difficult task of implementing economic policies rooted in limited government. Furthermore, Coolidge warned, “A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny.” He also warned, though it has gone unheeded for generations of presidents and congress, “One of the chief dangers to the success of popular government is that it will throw away self-restraint and self-control and adopt laws, which being without sound economic foundation, bring on such financial distress as to result in want, misery, disorder, and the dissolution of society.”

British historian, T.B Maculay, warned of a government, even with a Constitution that lacked dogged fiscal restraint, saying, “Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor.” He understood the peril of elitist using economic domination, stacking the coins in their favor, as elitist always do. Consider Senator Rand Paul’s steadfast admonition, “The national debt is a threat to our national security and prosperity.” Edmund Burke understood that economics and politics are not independent sciences; anytime the two conjoin, mischief percolates just below the surface. Consider that age old moral and economic question, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Scanning our nearly unrecognizable moral, social, economic and Faith landscape, is it possible to dodge the question that lurks in the mind of many liberty minded Americans, “Is liberty at the brink of disaster?” President Coolidge may have been the last president to understand that wealth can be a seductive temptress. He also knew it can be a benevolent tool for good in the right hands with virtuous liberty as its guide. It was obvious to him that centralized government is a bane to solving problems of any kind. It creates swamp creatures-that cannot be removed from the top down-as President Trump discovered belatedly-and it’s a cruel task master.

Federal and state politicians, like our Wyoming legislature, tout both Constitutions, yet ignore its checks and balances, squandering our money through profligate spending habits, then promote needless tax hikes to offset their fiscal tom foolery. A strong, sound fiscal policy is one piece of a stable, potentially sovereign Wyoming.

Poverty of the soul has been the downfall of nations, while reaching the summit of prosperity and sophistry, yet denying the cavernous moral abyss that lay at their feet. Though ancient, still powerful statism fosters a false, beguiling mood of optimism, when decadence has rotted its core. We’re not off the hook either. Don’t dismiss God’s judgment for our wicked ways. Sixty million unborn slain on the altar of convenience. Who will deliver us from this reproach and renew our days of old? Where are the Watchman? What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s