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It Was a Grand Night on February 19th

It was a grand night on February 19th at The Hanger Bar & Grill in Bar Nunn. This wonderful venue was the site of inaugural Town Hall event. There were 137 citizens in attendance around the theme of having a voice to discuss Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. Our purpose is to provide a venue for citizens of Natrona County to have a voice of liberty in the political affairs of Natrona County. We conducted a straw poll by ballot asking whether they approved of Congresswoman Cheney’s vote for impeachment. A clear message was sent with 79 “No” votes and 2 “Yes.” Attendees were asked to complete an anonymous survey to help us gain insight into their interests for future events.

It was inspiring to discover, by raised hand, that there were around 20 citizens indicating it was their first time to attend such an event.

One of the highlights of the evening was from Frank Eathorne, Chairman of the Wyoming State GOP, announcing that former President Donald J. Trump, will be coming to Wyoming. Trump had recently phoned him personally. “Right now, the sky’s the limit,” Eathorne added. Details will be forthcoming on our website regarding Donald J. Trump’s visit.

A number of other GOP county chairman and officials attended, from as far away as Uinta County. Chuck Gray, House District 57, Wyoming Senator Cheri Steinmetz, District 3, and her husband Corey, Wyoming GOP National Committeeman, also participated.

We are grateful to all who attended. It was a special evening. Also, we want to thank The Hanger Bar & Grill for permitting us to use their magnificent facility. We also want to thank KUYO radio for air time, and Oil City News for covering the event. After reviewing the survey results, and related anecdotal conversations, we will plan for future events and venues. Our work has just begun. Please join us.

Please visit our website for updates and helpful links to keep the voice of liberty vibrant and alive in our county and state.

Town Hall Feb 19, 2021

“This humble endeavor was spawned by a small group of liberty minded citizens meeting for coffee at a local restaurant. They were troubled that the current direction of the Natrona County GOP is counter intuitive to liberty, in its political form, composition, and aspirations. To that end, we resolve the following: Our purpose is to advance and defend the cause of our God given freedom, by launching the voice of liberty across multiple platforms and venues, while assiduously listening to the voices and opinions of liberty minded citizens in our county, state and beyond. May God help us.”


Attention Deplorables of Natrona County

You are Invited to attend a TOWN HALL meeting on Friday, February 19, 2021, 6:00 p.m. at The Hangar Bar & Grill, 1410 Prairie Lane, Bar Nunn, WY.

This Important meeting will address recent actions of Wyoming’s U.S. Congresswoman Liz Cheney, her vote for impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, and her betrayal of the Wyoming voters she represents.

The voices of Natrona county voters are valued and will be heard during this Town Hall.

Please join us at Friday, February 19, 2021, 6:00 p.m. at The Hangar Bar & Grill, 1410 Prairie Lane, Bar Nunn, WY. And let your voice be heard.

This TOWN HALL is brought to you by liberty-minded patriots of Natrona County and is not affiliated with any political party.
Located at 1410 Prairie Ln, Bar Nunn, WY 82601

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