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September 26th-A Watershed Event for Liberty

September 26th-A Watershed Event for Liberty

Liberty’s Place 4 U WY (LP4U ) capitalized on NCGOP’s Executive Committee’s decision to cancel their Central Committee Meeting on that date. Their stated reason,“There’s not much to talk about.” We disagreed. There’s much to talk about. In response, we sent out over 175 emails to all precinct members, new and current, inviting them to an evening of issues to discuss at the Ramada, where the NCGOP Central Committee normally meets. There’s symbolism in meeting there-in their own backyard. On September 2, 2022, we held an initial training session for newly elected precinct members at The Hangar in Bar Nunn, to set the stage for our next meeting.

The title of this event was “There’s much to talk about.” And the theme, “We’ve only just begun,” a line borrowed from the Carpenters. Forty-eight patriot minded precinct members and invited guest attended-Patriots all-prepared to examine the path forward to change the political landscape in Natrona County.

It was billed as a “Mock Central Committee Assembly,” with an agenda designed to assist members to better understand Roberts Rule of Order, that complex vehicle that drives meetings. Tom Reeder, 8-4, Wyoming’s only Registered Parliamentarian, served as Chairman for the evening. He also serves as Parliamentarian for the Wyoming State GOP. After opening remarks to set the tone for the evening, by our President, Mike Pyatt, 3-5, who recognized our Founding Members, and newly elected legislators. Secretary Sherrie Lewis, 2-2, offered the invocation. Veteran Francis Lynch, 2-6, led us in the Pledge. Tom called the meeting to order, and carefully instructed those in attendance the reason why, and how, such parliamentary procedures behoove us to use strategically when we are seated in January, 2023. We’re convinced It will pay dividends down the road of in the pursuit of Liberty. This was a seminal event to that end.

From the start, it was apparent attendees were fully engaged and anxious to participate. Tom created mock situations to aid members to better understand the process and their vital role. There was generous time for Q & A. Before the meeting concluded, it was apparent attendees were hungry for more instruction as how to effectively run a meeting. There are plans to provide more opportunities in the near future. From post meeting feedback, we conclude that the evening was a an overall success, considering the subject matter is not easy to digest in one sitting.

LP4U thanks everyone who attended and participated, and for allocating your precious time to spend with us. As stated before, “We’ve Only Just Begun.” We need your support to help us continue to advance individual Liberty under God in Natrona County. Any feedback from those who attended will be regarded for future events. Lest we forget, there’s no such thing as the inevitability of Liberty.

For Individual Liberty Under God