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Liberty’s Christmas Gift in August

Liberty’s Christmas Gift in August

Thanks to all of who attended Libertysplace4U’s Election Watch Night, on Tuesday August 16th, at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was a rousing evening of celebrating Liberty’s comeback in Natrona County. It felt more like Christmas to some of us. Absent a Christmas Tree, a fun time was had by all, with a chance for Primary candidates and supporters, to let their hair down, share campaign stories, imbibe, and watch election returns. It’s doubtful that the NCGOP Grinches were celebrating in such a festive manner at their downtown venue. The word on the street is that most of them got lumps of coal in their stockings.

Although the 2022 Primary is over, the results are still reverberating in Natrona County. Our hunch is the NCGOP elites are asking, “What happened Tuesday?” Simple. Liberty energized a new base of voters who love Liberty and Freedom more than loyalty to an elitist group, who are content with business as usual. There’s a price to pay for being tone deaf, complacent and nearly irrelevant. They’ve listened to their own voices too long in their self-designed echo chamber. We tried to tell them.

For many, it’s no longer business as usual, as confirmed by the turnout. We won’t endure them making the same old promises to represent us, and do otherwise. Bill Allemand, HD 58, Bob Ide, SD 29, Tony Locke, HD 35, and Jeanette Ward, HD 57, all first time candidates, endorsed by Libertysplace4U, ousted the GOP Establishment candidates, Pat Sweeny, Drew Perkins, Joe McGuire and Tom Mylar, much to their dismay. NCGOP icon Steve Harshman HD 37, was closely contested by Liberty candidate Steve Bray. If Harshman runs in 2024, we will target him for removal.

That’s not all. NCGOP staples, Rob Hendry and Paul Bertoglio were also ousted from the NC Commissioner’s roster. Top voter getter, Dallas Laird, whom we endorsed, vowed to shake up that formerly stagnate assembly. Liberty candidates also picked up a significant number of precinct spots in at least 13 districts. It’s apparent to us, that the NCGOP Establishment candidates were over-confident, and ill prepared to combat the overwhelmingly strong message of hard working, Liberty minded candidates, who would not be silenced this election cycle.

Secretary of State candidate Chuck Gray, prevailed over Tara Nethercott, the NC GOP’s darling, despite non-stop attacks on him by the media and her acolytes. What’s the message? The NCGOP machine didn’t deliver. And they know it. So does Liz Cheney, who was crushed by Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman.

Many know that Libertysplace4Uwy formed about a year and a half ago. We understood that the average Natrona County citizen’s voice was being ignored. After conducting 5 town halls we had a solid grasp on what to do. We ran or supported strong liberty minded candidates, who love Liberty more than themselves. The outcome of Tuesday night’s results, confirmed our intuition. Liberty trumped political melodrama this election cycle.

Final thought. We’re not resting on our laurels. Libertysplace4U is now planning for the 2024 Primary. No longer will Senators Jim Anderson and Bill Landen, or House members Jerry Obermuller and Tom Walters run unopposed. That’s not a threat. It’s a promise. We know what profile works, as we implement a strategy to identify, recruit and develop staunch Liberty minded, hard working candidates, who will challenge the tawdry narrative of the Establishment GOP, with a more vibrant message.

Join us. We’re stronger together than standing alone. Liberty isn’t self-perpetuating. It requires a force. We the People, are that force. Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement, as we continue advancing Liberty in Natrona County, and beyond. Be confident we will strive to seek God’s Will in all of our endeavors. Follow us on our web page, and Facebook to discover what’s happening at Libertysplace4U. Your thoughts and opinions matter to us. Let us know.

Individual Liberty Under God,

Libertysplace4U Founders
August 20, 2022