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Thanking Our Partners in Liberty

Thanking Our Partners in Liberty

“Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof”

If it wasn’t for you taking a slice of your busy life to attend, it would be a very lonely evening. On Saturday night, January 21, 2023, we completed our eighth town-hall since our founding in December, 2020. From that small group of liberty minded individuals meeting for coffee, none of us imagined that we would attract 160 liberty minded citizens packed into the a large venue at the Hilton Garden Inn. In fact, we continue to attract larger crowds than we ever envisioned. We are grateful for your backing that encourages us to continue advancing Liberty in Natrona County and beyond-which is our Mission.

It was a jam-packed evening, and for the first time we opened the evening with a lively debate between Casper City Mayor, Bruce Knell and LP4U’s Dan Sabrosky. It was over an hour long, with questions from Moderator, County Commissioner Dave North, and follow up questions from the audience. The issue was whether the Anti-discrimination ordinance, passed by the Casper City Council in December, was good for all of Casper. With starkly opposing views between the two, in the end, both comported themselves in a respectful and and cordial manner. It was apparent that most of the audience was fully engaged. LP4U’s Mike Eathorne served as MC for the evening.

We were pleased to have Senator Charlie Scott, SD 30, join us for the first time, as well as our Freshman legislators, Bill Allemand, HD 58, Senator Bob Ide, SD 29, Tony Locke HD 35, Tomi Strock HD 6, and Jeanette Ward, HD 57. After newly Secretary of State Chuck Gray updated the audience of the challenges before him and all patriot minded citizens, Freshman legislators spoke of their efforts after the first two weeks of the 67th Wyoming Legislative General Session, and the challenges before them. It was clear, they will need us to be engaged in the process.

Casper attorney, and County Commissioner newly elected Dallas Laird filled the segment for an update on current and potential issues facing the commissioners and the impact on Natrona County citizens. Though unplanned, Commissioners Dave North and Peter Nicolaysian were invited to offer their perspective on what the near future may hold. Multiple questions once again indicated the audience’s rapt engagement.

Newly elected Natrona County School Board Trustees, Jennifer Hopkins and Mary Schmidt, provided a brief update of their first month. They were optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to represent liberty on the board for the next four years.

We had invited Wyoming U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis to attend and explain her vote on the so called “Respect for Marriage Act.” She declined our offer. Due to time constraints, we were unable address the issue.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:15 PM. It was an aggressive agenda. Perhaps we “bit off more than we could chew” for one evening. Future town halls/forums will cover no more than two issues to best honor the valuable time that our audience has entrusted to us. Nevertheless, the majority of those responding to our post-event poll, representing 10% of those in attendance, reported that “though it was a bit long” most believed it was a “very worthwhile time and informative event,” and “content was good,” “especially the legislative update, and Chuck Gray.”

If you attended last Saturday evening, we’d like to hear your opinions, while we strive to do our utmost to advance Liberty in Natrona County and beyond.

Standing for Liberty,

LP4U’s Founders
Liberty’s Place 4 U WY

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  1. Martin Bertagnole

    It was a very good meeting, however; many times I could not hear the questions that were being asked because the MC was talking to softly. This problem is evident in most of the meetings. position of the microphone, setting on equipment, and last but not least; fear of microphone, and the audience by MC. An MC cannot be afraid of people.

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