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2022 GOP Candidate Forum

2022 GOP Candidate Forum

What: Liberty’splace4U GOP Candidate Forum

When: Thursday, June 2, 2022, 6:00-8:30 PM

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, 1150 N. Popular, Casper, Wyoming (MAP)

Who: All Natrona County GOP Candidates Running for Election
GOP Gubernatorial Candidates and the general public.
Candidates that have accepted our invitation are listed below. Be sure to check back here for updates.

We are inviting all Natrona County GOP candidates running for elected office in the 2022 Primary, and GOP candidates for the gubernatorial race. Issues like candidate’s voting records, mask mandates, individual liberty, property rights, defense and support of the Second Amendment, Life of the Unborn, Wyoming and U.S. Constitutions, Bill of Rights, size of government, taxes & fees, sound money policies and candidate’s stance on federal funding & grants that foster expansion of local, state and federal government, will be addressed. No admission charge. Vote informed. Please join us.


  • Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
  • Opening remarks and agenda by LP4U Moderators.
  • Brief Introduction of candidates and their 2 minute opening remarks.
  • Moderator questions for Natrona County candidates.
  • Brief questions from the audience for NC candidates.
  • Moderator questions for Governor Candidates.
  • Questions from audience for Governor Candidates.
  • Results of internal straw poll will be disclosed and discussed before adjournment.

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Candidates that have accepted our invitation.


  • Brent Bien
  • James Quick
  • Rex Rammell

State Senator

  • Bob Ide

Secretary of State

  • Chuck Gray

State Representative

  • Bill Allemand
  • Stan Mitchem
  • Pat Sweeney
  • Art Washut

County Commissioners

  • Rob Hendry
  • Jim Milne

Clerk of District Court

  • Jill Kiester


  • Matt Keating

County Clerk

  • Tracy Good.


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