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2022 GOP Primary Endorsements

2022 GOP Primary Endorsements

Libertysplace4U’s passion and purpose is to advance individual Liberty in our county, and beyond. To that end, it’s with measured gravity when we endorse a candidate for elected office. Whether it’s for the legislature, governor, commissioner, local school board, city council, or a seat on the GOP precinct, it’s our duty to properly vet each candidate on their merits, relevant background, stated purpose for candidacy, grassroots activity, and their unequivocal defense and support of the Life of the Unborn, Second Amendment, Wyoming and U.S. Constitutions, and the Bill of Rights. We need elected officials to say “No” to more taxes, spending, and the expansion of government.

Too, they must vigorously pursue principles of limited government and sound monetary policies, vowing to oppose entangling federal funds and grants that shackle liberty, and emboldens the careerist impulses of politicians who ignore our interest, in pursuit of their own. Like you, we understand the corruptive agents of apathy and failure to actively engage in the political process at some level.

That said, it’s obvious no candidate is perfect. All of us have foibles and shortfalls. However, it’s our opinion that the above parameters will permit our supporters to navigate the minefield of election, by exposing distracting rhetoric, and empty promises, to help avoid returning the same self-serving politicians to elected office again. Many agree this 2022 Primary Election will be a watershed event for individual Liberty. We solicit your opinions as we pursue our due diligence.

Our 2022 GOP Primary endorsements for Natrona County, the Governor and Secretary of State.

Brent Bien

Secretary of State
Chuck Gray

State Senator
Bob Ide SD-29

State Representative
Bill Allemand HD-58
Steve Bray HD-37
John Gudger HD-59
Tony Locke HD-35
Stan Mitchem HD-62
Jeanette Ward HD-57

John Harlin

County Commissioner
Dallas Laird

County Clerk
Tracy Good

James Whipps

Goshen County Sheriff
Tony Goulart