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Action Alert Special Session

Action Alert Special Session

Great news!

The Wyoming Legislature is headed into a Special Session to be held October 26-28, expressly intended to debate a ban on vaccine mandates!

This is great news for our state! Even though the Biden administration has not released the rule for their planned vaccine mandate for companies with over 100 employees yet, we must stop their radical vaccine mandate scheme, heading it off at the pass.

Wyoming must not allow the federal government to coerce any medical procedure on any American — especially when it is potentially life-threatening.

It is your right to decide what medicines, precautions, and risks you will take to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Rep. Chuck Gray (HD 57-Natrona) has two proposed bills. One of these would ban vaccine passports and the other would ban vaccine mandates.

It is imperative that you contact your state senator and state representative NOW!

Here is the link to find your state senator:

Here is the link to find your state representative:

If you aren’t sure who your legislators are, here is a link to the map which may help you determine this:

Time is of the essence to stop the tyrannical overreach of the Biden administration. Mandates of any sort that require masking, testing, vaccination, or termination of employees clearly are unconstitutional.

The first day of the session is going to be focused on passing the rules which will need 2/3 of the legislature.

If this is successfully achieved, the bills will be referred to committee to be worked on. The second day there will be three readings on each bill in both houses. The third day there will be conference committees and approval of the final bill language in both houses.

Please join me in contacting our state legislators immediately and demand they defend personal liberty at all costs! You and I must insist they vote during the Special Session, October 26-28, to defend our God-given rights and vote against any healthcare mandates!

For liberty,

Cathy Ide
State Coordinator
Wyoming Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Time is of the essence! Please contact your Wyoming state senator and state representative to stop Biden’s federal overreach into our private health care decisions! We must demand our state legislators courageously fight all tyrannical vaccine mandates!

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