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Beware of Beguiling and Vacuous Words

Reliance on labels often mislead and befuddle present day cultural observers. The label “political conservative” is about as clear as a London fog. During Wyoming’s 2022 primary elections, nearly every GOP candidate will claim the mantle of Pro-life. It has become a convenient euphemism for “abortion sometime.” Euphemisms are older than our Republic. In 1656, Englishman, Thomas Blount defined it, “A good or favorable interpretation of a bad word.” Euthanasia advocates prefer “death with dignity.” Liberals prefer “undocumented” instead of “illegal” for violators of our borders. Formerly deviant, abnormal behavior is now “an alternative lifestyle.” The Anglican Church redefines shacking up as “covenant relationships.” Abortion mills are labeled “women’s health clinics.” Historically, Americans are gullible, prone to embrace soaring rhetoric and unsubstantiated promises.

George Orwell introduced the idea of “Newspeak” in his 1949, classic novel “1984.” He warned that euphemistic words and phrases not only distort meaning, but also impoverish language and rational thinking, where absurdity of words reign, to breech the truth. President Jimmy Carter called his failed Iran hostage rescue attempt an “incomplete success.” Liberty minded rallies are branded “Hitler style” demonstrations.

Canadian Marshall McLuhan, media and communication guru, in 1964, popularized, “The medium is the message,” coining the terms of “hot” and “cool” communications. He often quoted artists, politicians, statesmen, poets and writers like Bacon, Yeats, Whitman, Eliot, and de Tocqueville, demonstrating how words, cinema and photos move people and advance ideas.

The 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debates were defining moments in American politics, where substance, style and visceral reactions moved a political nation as never before. At the time, CBS President, Frank Stanton, stated bluntly, “Kennedy was bronzed beautifully…Nixon looked like death.” Those watching the first TV debate declared Kennedy won by a landslide. Radio listeners gave a slight nod to Nixon. TV was “hot media.” Radio was “cool media.” Post debate newspaper coverage in 1960, was balanced, suggesting not a landslide, but slight edge to Kennedy.

McLuhan’s book “Understanding Media” was a tool kit for analyzing how one responds to the stimulation of words and images. “It’s the content of the medium,” he maintained. “Hot media” is that which engages one’s senses completely, like TV commercials, designed to “heat up” or capture one’s attention. “Cool media” is that which engages several senses less completely. It demands substantial interaction, high participation on the part of the audience paying close attention to details, like phone conversations, news podcasts, documentaries, where participants must be more engaged.

Such principles revolutionized the advertising and political landscape. McLuhan never anticipated laptops, cell phones, social media and the unprecedented explosion of technology. However, he understood what was at stake; the heart, mind and soul of American culture. Communication, devoid of absolute truth, serves as a vehicle of manipulation. Our American culture continues to snooze at the wheel-most are unaware of what’s at stake in the arena of words and images. Merchants-of-death, abortion providers, understand that images of dead, dismembered babies in dumpsters, would turn multitudes against abortion on demand, and women’s “right to choose” would be significantly marginalized, shrinking their coffers, and support would evanesce like a puddle-of-water in the Wyoming wind. Currently, the composition of SCOTUS keeps them awake at nights, as Roe v. Wade hangs precariously in the balance.

Evangelicals understand what’s at stake. Reclaiming our biblical lexicon. One should be leery of vacuous phrases like, “Stand united with the people of faith.” Without investigation, that statement is an elusive aphorism. What’s at stake? As custodians of timeless verities, one must resist hucksters, masquerading behind religious smoke and mirrors. G.K. Chesterton warned when theological truths are replaced by sappy cliches and religious mumbo-jumbo, don’t be astonished when a culture drifts toward paganism. Reclaiming our words begin when one understands the stakes of doing otherwise, is calamitous. Our calling: speaking Biblical truth and straight talk to this generation. It will require more than rhetoric. Like all other great evils, such as slavery, we know abortion cannot be extirpated by simple legislative decree or contrivance.

Caught in the web of “being relevant” too many churches and para-church organizations have in recent times, tapped into modernity, trendy programs, mega churches, “seeker groups,” upbeat worship music, the internet and social media to reinvigorate their base, while simultaneously trying to accurately assess which way the wind blows. COVID-19 revealed their soft underbelly, and their willingness to rely on the federal teat. A large Evangelical church in Casper, went on the federal dole, although having millions squirreled away.

Large mainline protestant denominations, especially in urban areas, faced dwindling numbers for years. To adapt, many churches opened membership to nearly anyone and everyone, where the “greatest sins” are white privilege, equal pay, global warming and LQBTQ justice. Sadly, “watering down” the Scriptures to mean anything, now mean nothing. Perhaps the sky isn’t falling, but the floor has eroded beneath them. At one mainline seminary in New York, the student body is comprised of Hindus, Buddhist, Baptist, Methodist, Anglicans and agnostics. At one chapel service students danced around a plant, and prayed to it to honor the “green movement.” Words, without content, like faith, can mean anything or nothing. Latitudinarianism that declined into compromise, accommodation and subverting objective truth.

American Evangelicals now are trying to find a message that resonates with the hermetically sealed world of Generation X, Y, Z who are unlikely to be drawn to the former outreach and evangelism efforts of yesteryear. Skeptics have been around since the Apostles first received their marching orders from Jesus Himself. Fast forward to the current religious landscape that is barely recognizable to the octogenarian generation. Most troubling to those who identify with Christ, is that one-in-four Americans identify as atheist, agnostic or the “Nones.” They comprise 45% of Americans, ages 19-29, profess they want “Nothing” to do with organized religion or a particular view on faith. If it became “woke” to align with some religious experience, they may risk it. That doesn’t bode well for the future of religious expression in the public square in general, or the New Testament church in particular.

There’s an unending onslaught to eradicate the old edifices that held our Judeo-Christian culture together. What C.S. Lewis called “the abolition of man.” Few saw it coming. Most of us understand there’s too much at stake to call evil good. T.S. Eliot confessed the struggle to uphold the permanent things has no surcease. Our vision must be to attract a new generation of bare knuckle Christians, convinced that God’s Word is sufficient to change our culture, one soul at a time. Not perfect followers-there are none. Not fans of Jesus, but followers of Jesus. Radicals for unvarnished truth and the Gospel, willing to proclaim it unambiguously in one’s sphere of influence. To speak where the Scriptures speak; be silent when the Scripture’s silent. At age 39, what did it cost Dietrich Bonhoeffer to follow Christ in Nazi Germany? Everything. In America, what’s the cost to be a follower of Christ? Not very much. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s

Where Are The Images?

Bad news of a new abortion clinic in Casper traveled fast. It prompted a pro-life rally and prayer vigil in front of their building at 918 E. 2nd Street, on April 21st. One media outlet estimated there were about 150 demonstrators expressing their opposition to the arrival Circle of Hope Clinic. Clinic supporters, including president Julia Burkhart, perched stoically on their lawn chairs, admonishing anyone close to violating their space. They displayed a deceptive sign, “Love is the language spoken here.” Counterfeit love. Killing babies isn’t love. Many prayed. Signs were displayed by pro-life advocates. One was, “Remember the Unborn.” Another “Pray to end abortion.” Still, something was missing. What was it? Too sedate? Too antiseptic? No images?

Some questioned, “Where are the images, photos of lifeless, aborted, dismembered babies, whose lives have been deliberately snuffed out, to be waste for a back alley dumpster.” Praying for an end to abortion is a righteous cause. However, nothing snags observers attention like the images of dismembered babies that shock the conscience of onlookers, as an “in your face” approach of images designed to repulse damsels of death, who’ll profit from killing the unborn with impunity. Sixty-three year-old Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, before the SCOTUS imposed “buffer zone,” boldly blockaded entrances to those butcher shops. His style drew praise, persecution and prosecution. In 1986, he was first arrested for chaining himself to an abortion clinic sink. And forty times thereafter, for activist violations and ignoring court orders.

Americans value photos and images. A picture’s worth a thousand words. Six years of unrelenting televised anti-war protests softened an ever obsequious public’s will against the Viet Nam Conflict. Those graphic photos hastened its demise. The New York Times and other major news outlets did their best to stoke anti-war sentiment. Second Lieutenant, William Calley was charged with six specifications of premeditated murder on September 5, 1969, associated with the MyLai massacre of around four hundred unarmed South Vietnamese civilians on March 16, 1968. Calley was convicted of personally murdering twenty-two civilians and sentenced to life imprisonment. His sentence was reduced on appeal to twenty years, and further reduced by the Secretary of the Army. Many still believe he was the “scapegoat.” He was paroled in 1974. His photo appeared on the April 12, 1971, cover of Time Magazine, titled “Who Shares the Guilt?” Images matter.

Following the Korean Conflict, television was a new medium for world coverage to the American public. Around 10 % of American homes owned a TV in the mid 1950’s. By 1966, that figure spiraled to around 93%, setting the stage for non-stop coverage of the Vietnam Conflict. New technologies permitted reporters to distribute photos and video materials. Near the end of 1960, with the death of many South Vietnamese civilians, in a failed coup against Catholic President Diem, who was later assassinated in 1963, the New York Times dispatched their first reporter to Saigon. As the war intensified, the number of press corp in South Vietnam escalated rapidly, from forty in 1963, to over four hundred in 1965. Soon, by 1967, it was nightly fare on CBS and NBC, and the proliferation of images began.

After the 1968, Tet Lunar New Year Offensive, media coverage was predominately negative, as images of civilian and military casualties assaulted the viewing public nightly. An iconic photo of the execution of Vietcong Guerrilla, shot at point blank in the head, and the naked Vietnamese nine year old, “Napalm Girl” severely burned in an aerial napalm attack, screaming for help, while running down Route 1. That image was indelible in the American psyche. Vietnam was aptly described as the “living room war.” Graphic images helped turn the tide of American sentiment against the United State’s role in Vietnam. It was a political miscalculation by the LBJ administration, not a war.

Casper’s proposed abortion clinic painfully reminds us of the disastrous 1973, Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade decision, foisted on us nearly fifty years ago. Abortion supporters are nervous since more than twenty states passed legislation with most severe restrictions on abortion-on-demand. For years abortion supporters complained about the graphic photos of aborted babies carried on signs by anti-abortion supporters. One Boston reporter carped that his wife was offended by “grisly” photos of a seventh-week aborted, dismembered baby, asking, “Where do you take these photos?” From dumpsters, among other places. For many years, a Madonna University professor, Monica Migliorino Miller, supplied the anti-abortion movement with its imagery. According to the National Catholic Register, she recovered thousands of aborted babies that were improperly disposed in dumpsters outside a Midwest “women’s healthcare” facility. She began photographing the dead babies in 1987.

The abortion industry prefers the Latin term “fetus.” It sounds more clinical, and less incendiary than “baby.” These handmaidens of death loathe photos that cast light on their evil deeds-killing babies. In the late 1990’s, the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform compiled an extensive library of photos and videos of abortion procedures and lifeless, dismembered babies, or what Planned Parenthood labeled as a “product of unwanted pregnancies.” If more Americans saw these shocking, revulsive photos of dismembered dead babies in a bucket, the tide of abortion-on-demand would drop precipitously. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren’t granted posthumously.

Mainstream media has fought this effort vigorously for years. Thank God for independent media sights and podcasts. If these images were viewed in every state legislature, streamed across news outlets and cable, it would shock the conscience of most Americans with an ounce of humanity. Only the coldest, soulless individual would continue to advocate for abortion after viewing those vile, appalling images. According to a recent Marist Poll, the majority, over 66% of Americans believe life begins at conception. The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, New York OBGYN, who participated in 75,000 abortions, was convinced by images.

We’ve seen images of the Auschwitz holocaust. Crustaceans have more protection than the unborn. Switzerland banned importing live lobsters because “it feels pain.” Drowning a litter of kittens would bring vitriol and death threats to the perpetrator. Ripping a baby from the womb-only a yawn in their domain. Evil never rests.

Animal rights activists unabashedly blitz us with photos and images of “endangered” seals, polars bears, tigers, and shivering caged animals, to shape public opinion, appealing across every media platform. The general public seeing those ghastly images of dead babies, is the damsels of death’s worst nightmare. No capitulating. Let the citizens of Casper see the images of what will take place at 918 E. 2nd Street. Hatred is the oxygen of the pro-abortion crowd. It isn’t love. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s

Where are the images? See them here –> Galleries of Images of Aborted Children

Damsels of Death Return to Casper

At a rather nondescript unoccupied commercial building, located at 918 E. 2nd Street in Casper, will soon be a haven for death. D.C. based Circle of Hope is stealthily scheming to establish, under the radar, a new abortion clinic. LibertysPlace4U supporters understand the mainstream media exist to divide and distract us over issues like the Wyoming’s SAPA bill, or as less trivial events on Facebook catch our fancy. Too many overlooked the recent news on social media that Jeff Bezos’ ex wife, MacKenzie Scott, donated an unprecedented $275 million dollars to Planned Parenthood. The largest individual donation ever.

Circle of Hope’s renting that Casper space from ACNOW LLC, in Cheyenne,1621 Central Avenue, classified as “Casper Commercial Central.” We’re obligated to make it clear abortion providers are unwelcome. Soon we plan a protest. Before and after they open the doors to a corridor of death. This has nothing to do with public health. Both the unborn and women are their targets and remain at risk unless we act.

A closer look at their founding Circle of Hope’s board exposes Julie A. Burkhart is President and Founder of these butcher shops for the past twelve years. She worked side-by-side for seven years with Dr. George Tiller “the Baby Killer.” She was Chair of Wichita Choice Alliance, leading a community response against anti-choice organizations that were intent to “finish the job” by shutting them down. She operated another clinic “Summer of Mercy Renewal,” advancing Tiller’s vision for “reproductive justice” through the Circle of Hope clinics. Late term abortionist Tiller was assassinated on May 31, 2009, by Scott Roeder.

They’ve hijacked words of virtue like “hope, mercy, renewal and justice,” to deceive women and girls to enslavement by death instead of life. Ms. Burkhart built from her kitchen table an endeavor into a $5 million dollar organization. Make no mistake, it’s big business, where babies and women are dispensable commodities. The other two founding member’s bios mirror the president. Circle of Hope’s mission statement, “We envision a world where every person has the right to choose what is best for them and their family.” Sadly, the unborn have no voice in their equation. With such “choices” there will be be no family. Her colleague Christie Burkhart, brags that she brings the tenacity and dedication needed in “today’s abortion access denial climate.” They’re serious. Deadly serious.

Circle of Hope Heath Care Services masquerade as healthcare services for women. It does no such thing. They lie to their clients about the life of the unborn and the hazardous outcome that will haunt women for years, unless they find forgiveness in Christ Jesus. On their home page they brag, “We are excited to bring abortion care to underserved areas.” Wyoming is, in their vernacular, “desperately underserved, to say the least. There is one medication abortion provider in the state, who is in Jackson, which is on the western side of the state. Therefore, if a person needs surgical abortion services, they are forced to go to another state, such as Montana or Utah.” They claim in Utah women must wait 72 hours, which is cumbersome for Wyoming women, and present too many hurdles for them.

Further, they contend that women are forced “to go to another state.” How are they forced? Who’s forcing them? Family? Fathers? Gunpoint? One reason’s because the damsels of death provide no option to their clients. They contend it’s too cumbersome and inconvenient for various reasons. Those who love the unborn and born, know how “inconvenient and cumbersome” it is for those slaughtered in these abortion mills. And when they say “people’s healthcare” they mean women. Women are unequivocally their target. It’s an anti-life philosophy that has been foisted upon our culture.

However, there are powerful testimonies by young girls and women, who confess that life will never be the same in their post-abortion world. This anonymous quote by a 16 year old victim underscores the mendacity perpetuated on vulnerable women, “Nobody will ever understand what you will go through after it’s all done. Abortion doesn’t make a baby go away; it just makes a dead baby.” Sadness, grief, loss, guilt, shame and remorse are the grievous outcomes from an abortion, that leave the woman wounded and the baby dead. A culture of death celebrated by millions since Roe v. Wade, in 1973. Sixty million dead babies later.

In 2017, Casper’s Planned Parenthood closed their doors after more than forty years, because of financial reasons, reported by the Casper Star Tribune. Only North Dakota and Wyoming wouldn’t have a Planned Parent affiliate. Pro-life advocates rejoiced, as supporters mourned their departure. Let those who love virtuous liberty and babies, be resolute and vigilant, while these damsels of death, masquerading as “women’s healthcare providers” sneak back into Casper. They left before due to financial reasons. Let’s ensure that happens again. For prayer warriors, fervently beseech God to providentially diminish their footprint in Casper. At this time their director, staff or presiding board members are unknown.

It’ll require your cooperation as we protest and expose their intent before they arrive. No welcome mats or ribbon cutting ceremony. Simultaneously we must resist their efforts on two fronts; first exposing their presence, disrupting their operations; and second, supporting Casper’s True Care Women’s Resource Center, who informs women with the truth about their unborn, while supporting their decisions to embrace life, with vital, loving resources.

Nothing’s more essential to our mission of advancing liberty than defending the most vulnerable-the unborn. Join us to protest this vile business that threatens the unborn, and lies to mothers about their offspring. Stay informed as we announce protest dates on our website. It’s time to act now.

Staunchly for Life,

Liberty’s Place 4 U WY