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One Patriot’s Estimation of NCGOP Politics

Unsurprisingly to Liberty’s Place 4U WY, the moderates in the NCGOP hierarchy weren’t nervous about the 2022 Midterms. Not because they had any intuition about what was about to happen, but because they were arrogant, over-confident, and out-of-touch with voters. Local political wizards and NCGOP deep pocket advisors told the establishment guardians like Joe McGinley, Joe McGuire, Pat Sweeney, and County Commissioners Paul Bertoglio and Rob Hendry, among others, to ignore our saber rattling, and Liberty’s Place 4U WY voices. They continued business as usual. Spend more money, relax, and perhaps, we might go away, they reasoned.

While many NCGOP candidates “drank the cool-aide” and eased up on the gas, upstart liberty-loving citizens, who had been voiceless, were frustrated, but ready to fight back. “Enough is enough,” we opined. The dynamics quickly shifted. Edgerton’s Bill Allemand, a political novice, spent time at Liberty’s Place 4U WY’s weekly breakfast and listened intently. Ultimately, he vowed to run for House District 58, held by moderate darling Pat Sweeney, political gadfly, and avowed supporter of the Damsels of Death. Before we could catch our collective breaths, business savvy Bob Ide, decided he would challenge Senator Drew Perkins, as he had six years ago. This time was different. “What audacity,” some naysayers thought.

As the smoke cleared, another political novice, strategist Tony Locke challenged Joe McGuire. With less than a year in Wyoming, Illinois refugee, diminutive Jeanette Ward, was encouraged to run for Chuck Grays former HD 57 seat. She was sorely underestimated. Another in a series of miscalculations by the NCGOP braintrust. Living in an echo chamber has severe limitations.

Once again, they were mistakingly over confident that these candidates would fold like a cheap tent. After all, what did those candidates know about getting elected without NCGOP blessing? They underestimated the resolve of virtuous Liberty loving citizens. A small flicker of Liberty turned into a roaring inferno in some pockets in Natrona County, fanned by their desire to reverse the assault by the NCGOP’s habit of ignoring the consequences of their tone-deaf response to the rumblings of these upstart candidates. Unsurprisingly again, the moderates continued to use familiar rhetoric, sophistry and hypocrisy, claiming that they solely represent the GOP, as they have for generations. That was their answer, and they were sticking to it. No matter what it cost.

What was the response of Liberty’s Place 4U WY and our newly minted Liberty minded grass root candidates? We saw the chink in the NCGOP candidate’s rusty armor. There were pivotal house and senate seats up for grabs in 2022. We exposed the moderates lousy voting record in terms of individual liberty, taxes and smaller government. Our candidates also offered a superior message that resonated with Natrona County citizens, who were fed-up with being marginalized and ignored by the NCGOP elites for years.

It was past time to oust these political malingerers, driven by careerist impulses, whose love of occupancy threatened liberty in our county and state. Our phalanx was mighty and resolute to outwork those political opponents who had outlived our patience. We preferred being underestimated. Our arrows narrowly missed NCGOP’s poster boy, Representative Steve Harshman by six points. 2024 will be different.

Daunting issues remained, but the NCGOP ignored the signs. It was obvious to us that Liberty isn’t grasped by proclamation, but heroic exertion by a few brave souls. We understood that our efforts would be dismissed, be we knew that virtuous Liberty is our guardrail, and God our strength. Importantly, Liberty minded citizens stepped up as a formidable force to be reckoned with this political cycle.

The 2022 Midterms were brutal to those endorsed by the NCGOP. The misery index was through the roof. They were in shock and disbelief, when they assembled at a downtown pub for a would-be Midterm celebration. Observers confirmed that those who had been overly confident of victory, once again miscalculating their sway and leverage to now savvy Natrona County voters. Two longterm NC Commissioners were ousted. Three House members and one senator upset. But how? To the inane, pompous and obnoxious, the answer mystified them. To this day, they refuse to acknowledge what happened. Is it denial or political obfuscation?

How do we know that? On March 15, 2023, the NCGOP assembled for a Central Committee meeting to conduct elections for new Executive Committee members. Liberty’s Place 4U WY assembled a slate of liberty minded candidates, for most vacant positions to oppose the moderates. To no ones surprise, the moderates dominated the slate. From Chairman to the eight at-large spots. Immediately, new Chairman, Joe MacGuire, who lost District 35 toTony Locke, promised to “mend fences” with the State GOP and local party. His proclivity is self-interest. It’s business as usual once again, as smugness ruled the night. However, we’ve moved on to real issues and removing obstacles to Liberty. As a precinct member, suddenly, proxies are very attractive.

At the March 2nd Executive Meeting, MacGuire, and McGinley, playing victims, vowed to explore yet another legal maneuver, over a $58 bill from the State GOP party. Both set a toxic blaze that can only be extinguished by the strong winds of liberty. Liberty minded citizens should ignore such distractions, and help us pack the legislature with constitutional Liberty minded candidates, who support legislation that protects our constitutional rights, and advance individual virtuous Liberty in 2024.

We must be vigilant to engage a large number of Natrona County citizens, still disenfranchised, offering them a voice in the political process, where Liberty has been cudgeled by the current NCGOP’s party apparatus. There are no visible signs of any change from their recalcitrant, unrepentant habits. Liberty’s Place 4U WY supporters understand where Liberty lives. It’s not in the NCGOP. Don’t be deceived. The 2022 Midterm victories was a shot over their bow, and further proof that genuine liberty was unrecognizable to the NCGOP leadership.

How irrational it was for the NCGOP to believe that the state party is the bogeyman, yet the NCGOP is as pure as the driven snow, as once again they are blinded by business as usual. Our allegiance isn’t to bureaucratic chicanery. Sadly, there are new precinct members duped by the smoke n’ mirrors magic show conducted by NCGOP theatrics. If so inclined, invite them to join us where Liberty is alive.

Are there not substantial issues to yet engage? We are poised to invite a large gathering of grass root liberty minded Patriots this April, to Casper, to further advance the tide of Liberty in Wyoming; to find electable candidates willing to run on a platform of constitutional individual Liberty; form a PAC, and raise funds. Don’t waste time criticizing the inane remarks from the NCGOP. Move beyond the shackles of banality and join us to seize an opportunity to leave a legacy to a generation we are unlikely to see.

Avoid being easily beguiled and distracted by peripheral issues of less gravity-like the NCGOP. Our artifice must be wiser. This pursuit must be singularly focused on virtuous Liberty, and simultaneously reinvigorate Biblical principles as our unshakable foundation. To do so requires our acknowledgement that the Sovereignty of God is the basis for good government, not the whimsical impulses of political hirelings.

Perhaps, some day, our grandkids will read about this time in future history books, new clips or websites. As God grants us breath, let’s move toward virtuous Liberty. We must be courageous and radicals for Truth. Courage works 24/7. Bravery’s on call when needed. Under God, Liberty’s Place 4U WY is obligated to be guardians and stewards of both. Any call for unity must unambiguously include virtuous Liberty as foundational.

Patriots, the mantle is upon our shoulders. Once again, board the Liberty train before it leaves the station. As long as we have breath, this is our calling. We still need your help and support. Watch for “Liberty’s Hunt 2024.” This, my friends, is what intentional Liberty looks like. Our cause is noble. Does that make your heart race?

For Virtuous Liberty, Liberty’s Place 4 U WY Founders

Campaign 4 Liberty – March 9

Dear Patriot,

Wyoming’s general legislative session is nearing wrap-up time, with midnight on March 3 as the date slated for adjournment.

Rather than relying on hearsay, fake news outlets and misinformation by the press, we are going to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – or rather, straight from the mouths of our Natrona County legislators!

As witness to my first in-person full session for two months at the Capitol, I can honestly say that it has been an eye opener. Unfortunately, there were numerous things that were worse than I anticipated. But thankfully, there were numerous bright spots sprinkled throughout!

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, March 9, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn, 1150 N. Poplar Street, Casper. We will get to hear from liberty legislators Rep. Bill Allemand, Rep. Tony Locke, Rep. Jeanette Ward, Rep. Tomi Strock, and Sen. Bob Ide. This should be interesting to say the least!

If you have been following the general session, you are probably aware some of the most critical bills that were of high priority to Wyoming voters (property taxes, medical freedom, election integrity, etc.) were either defeated by freedom-robbing state legislators, were amended to be harmful, or were left to languish on the vine of opposition.

However, as of this email, several good bills are still making their way through the sausage-making process!

You won’t want to miss this meeting!


Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 1150 N. Poplar Street, Casper
Cost: Free to all patriots!

The information that we will glean from this meeting is very important. As we teach in Campaign for Liberty, unless you are politically feared, you will not be politically respected.

One of the ways to equip yourself as armed and dangerous is to tie the legislative session with election season. How can you accomplish tying the two together if you are not up-to-speed on the voting records of compromised, squishy Wyoming legislators? You can’t.

That is why this meeting is important – so we can learn of and expose the voting records of legislators who freely gave away more of our liberty. We will also learn of the trials and tribulations that some of our freshmen went through, fighting to uphold true limited government.

Please plan on joining the Wyoming Campaign for Liberty meeting on Thursday, March 9!

In Liberty,

Cathy Ide
State Coordinator
Wyoming Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Our state is in a unique position to make a difference for all its citizens. No one said it would be an easy lift but with hearts and spirits that are intent to “press on,” we will persevere in our efforts to Reclaim our Republic! Be sure to save Thursday, March 9, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn, 1150 N. Poplar Street, Casper on your calendar.



Because of Campaign For Liberty’s tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)).


Revisiting Liberty’s Fragility

FIRST ROW: Benjamin Franklin George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson SECOND ROW: Samuel Adams James Monroe George Mason Alexander Hamilton THIRD ROW: John Marshall Patrick Henry John Jay James Madison

It’s a legitimate inquiry, “How can any concept as mighty and forceful for a millennia be so fragile and susceptible to mischief, trifling and assault?” Millions have sacrificed and died for the cause of Liberty. “Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry reportedly cried out before the Second Virginia Convention in 1775. This concept of individual Liberty, according to John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty,” began with ancient Greece and Rome, proceeding to England. In the past, Liberty meant primarily protection from tyranny. Our Framers hoped for more. It proved to be a gigantic leap forward, that only God foresaw.

Our second president, John Adams, understood that Liberty, under law, was essential for this grand experiment to endure. He was persuaded to write a book, in 1787, “A Defence of the Constitution of the United States,” by his old adversary, later friend, Thomas Jefferson. Adams had no exaggerated opinion of the wisdom and virtue by the mass of mortals. Knowing that, perhaps more than anyone, he kept the American one of laws, not men. We are benefactors of such wisdom. Liberty’s nature is extremely fragile. Senator Rand Paul, a clear voice for individual liberty, wrote recently to “Fellow Patriots” warning of the threat to our Second Amendment, via the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty,” a backdoor assault by President Biden to ram it through the Senate, and unceremoniously grabs our guns. In Wyoming’s 67th legislature, Liberty-minded legislator’s sponsored two bills to strengthen our Constitutional guarantee to bear arms, and dismantle “gun free zones.”

Sadly, Adams isn’t widely read these days. It’s to Hamilton that most turn when seeking a liberty-minded soul among our Founders. Samuel Adams is even more obscure. Some still hold that the best of Federalism, it was John Adams that held great sway in it’s perpetuation. Adams understood that genuine liberty must be anchored in law and virtue, not aristocrats or political elites-though some thought he an elite. Adams didn’t argue that men don’t possess moral motions, which is God-given. However, he understood, like Madison, they aren’t angels. It’s notable that Adams used the word “liberty” less frequently than many men of his day. Not because he valued it less than those of his era. In his book “Defence” it appears his concern was that human weakness would confound liberty as a license. Adams preferred the concept of virtue driving Liberty. He didn’t believe the first excluded the second. On the contrary, enduring Liberty is the child of virtue. Without virtue, liberty is unanchored, he feared. HIs stern warning for checking legislative “ambition” echoed Madison’s Federalist 51, on separations of powers.

Many are familiar with Madison’s quote, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Samuel Adams believed liberty is more than a proclamation, but heroic efforts by a few brave souls, who love of Liberty is interwoven within their soul. Adams, like Edmund Burke, understood that true, genuine Liberty is understood by a minority, going as far as to say that the masses are indifferent to it-not unlike 2023. There’s no paucity of “Liberty talk.” Adams believed patriotic citizens must be compelled to understand Liberty is like a delicate plant, that even the watering it with the blood of martyrs is a dubious nutriment. He knew that Liberty must be under the law. There’s no satisfactory alternative or substitute. Liberty without law endures about as long as a lamb among wolves. Even civil laws are insufficient to safeguard Liberty. Freedom, that eternal longing that dwells in the bosom of all, and Liberty, is the external exercise of that longing, may be infringed upon, if virtue is absent.

In 1798, John Adams wrote that, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Therefore, without virtuous and moral leaders, liberty will not endure, just as Samuel Adams warned. As we elect leaders and political figures who dismiss virtue and moral courage as prerequisites to run for office, Liberty’s severely diminished, eroded, and eventually evanesces. Like Rome, our Republic decays at the core.

What are major threats to liberty today? From Benjamin Franklin’s memoirs, this quote reminds us of our quest for Liberty, “They who give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.” COVID-19 revealed vulnerable chinks in our armor. Within three months of the Wuhan virus, nearly every state in the union, citizens surrendered most liberties without a whimper, with notable exception of South Dakota. Obeying the rouge CDC, state and local unelected health officials, millions behaved like dutiful masked robots. How does Marx’s grim nightmare, appear once again as a dream?

Most dangerous to one’s individual liberty is that ubiquitous interloper-apathy. December 15, 2022, marked the 231st anniversary of the ratification of the First Ten Amendments-Bill of Rights, 1791. For masses, it went unnoticed. Celebration of our First Ten Amendment should’ve been a unifying factor for all Americans. Apathy, it appears, to have won the day, with rare exceptions. Some argue we’ve taken Liberty for granted. Contrary to popular opinion, Liberty isn’t self-perpetuating; it requires a force. We at Liberty’ understand the physics of Liberty.

Listening to the 24-7 mainstream toxic news outlets, hostile to Liberty, including the leviathan big tech oligarchs, who run roughshod over freedom of speech, have been a bane to Liberty, for decades. Unbridled social media doesn’t pretend anymore, as they bludgeoned our free speech. Removal of a sitting President’s Twitter account drew applause by a venal and virulent press, acolytes of Left Progressives. Time will tell whether Elon Musk sustains a bright light as a citadel for freedom of speech.

Failure to inculcate into our offsprings the Truth of individual Freedom and Liberty has predictable and disastrous consequences. They are worth fighting for and celebrating, and when required, giving one’s life because others attempt to destroy what God Himself created for us to enjoy and perpetuate. We’ve paid a high price for failure to do so. Christian fervor’s indispensable to fanning the flames of Liberty. It’s not happenstance that radical activists are obliterating our First and Second Amendments, with powerful and well-funded political lobbyist, like LGBTQ, pro-choice and anti-gun advocates, we’ve witnessed their influence in Cheyenne at the 67th Legislature, bringing monetary corruption to bought-and-paid-for political scoundrels.

In Liberty, devastating is our failure to recognize a malevolent coalition of fear and cowardice. History informs us that the former, unchecked, often turns into the latter. In Wyoming, fear of a roaming grizzly is understandable and wise. Cowardice of marauders attacking one’s family or Christian Heritage isn’t. The ruling impulse of tyranny won’t be thwarted by dormancy, denial or dereliction of duty.

We’ll need more common mortals-flawed-but resolute for action. Captain America’s first appearance was months before America’s entry into the Second World War. Average boy, turned super-hero, takes on Hitler. One needn’t be a super-hero to join us as we stir the caldron of individual virtuous Liberty, under God in Natrona County. Liberty’s the escape portal for freedom’s longing. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s