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Stand In The Gap

May 31, 2023

Fellow Patriots: “Stand In The Gap”

It’s hard to believe, this December, 2023, will mark Liberty’sPlace4UWY’s third year advancing Liberty in Natrona County, and beyond. When we first met, all weary of the Natrona County GOP, it wasn’t clear where to start, or how. In this short span of time, with God’s Guidance, we found our niche, and in that time have:

  • Conducted 9 town halls, focusing on subjects important to you, like Natrona County School Board members, and escalating property taxes.
  • Hosted two Liberty Summits including this year’s “Liberty’s Hunt 2024,” this April in Casper. This was a “watershed” event for Liberty that attracted grassroots Patriots from 11 Wyoming counties!

Many of you understand that these events are costly.

We are now in the planning stages of “Liberty’s Hunt 2024” an aggressive strategy to identify, recruit, and mentor potential candidates to help us take back our Wyoming Legislature in 2024.

But I have to be honest with you, right now there is a gap between our bank balance and what is needed in order to advance Liberty. Which is why I am writing to you today asking for your help.

Together we can win, we can take our state back, and restore the Liberties stolen from us by establishment GOP.

But we need your help!

Advancing Liberty is not without costs, and that is where like-minded patriots like yourselves come in.

Your generous donation will permit us to do the heavy lifting necessary to win the battle to restore our Liberty.

Whether it be $500, $250, $100, $25 or whatever you can afford to support this mission, it will be greatly appreciated, and be used judiciously.

I am sure that you love virtuous Liberty as much as I do, can I count on you to donate so we “Stand in the Gap” together?

With your help, we can continue fanning the flames of Liberty in Wyoming.

It’s clear the establishment GOP, and Democrats, are amassing a war-chest to sabotage our strategy, we must have the resources necessary to fight back!

John Adams understood Liberty is appreciated by only a few; the mass of men are indifferent to it.

Our appeal isn’t to the masses.

Our appeal is only to those who love the cause and know the cost.

We can accept donations online at, however, we can also accept check donations by mail as well. Checks can be sent to: Liberty’s Place 4 U WY * 3841 E. 15th Street, #606 * Casper, WY 82609.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation.

Loving Liberty,
President, Mike Pyatt

P.S.: Taking on and exposing the establishment GOP and unseating Good O’ Boys is not without expense.

Your generous donations will help ensure that we can take on the Leviathan that is feasting upon our Liberties right here in Wyoming.

Your donation of $500, $250, $100, $25, or whatever you can afford, will help us continue to not only fight the establishment, but continue to keep you informed about what is happening in the county and state GOP’s, the legislature, as well as our county and local municipalities.

Together we can win, we can take our state back, and restore the liberties stolen from us by undocumented democrats, i.e., RINOs!

“Liberty’s Hunt 2024” Follow Up

Thanks For Attending Liberty’sPlace4U’s “Liberty’s Hunt 2024”

Liberty. It’s what we do. We consider ourselves Patriots. It’s apparent you do too. There we were, assembled in Casper, 86 Patriots, in one location, gathered last month to hear each other’s passion and concerns regarding the state of Liberty in Wyoming. From the post event comments, it worked.

Hearing from you was inspiring to discover we are on the same page regarding Liberty. It appeared you felt right at home, as each one shared their experiences in the past, and where you plan to be by 2024. It was evident that you are passionate about Liberty, as we are. It was palpable to most.

That day, we offered a template for identifying, recruiting and developing potential candidates to replace those house and senate members, held by legislators whose votes and behaviors are counter-intuitive to advancing Liberty’s interest. They no longer represent our’s, but their own careerist impulses. We are obligated to repudiate their agenda, and replace them with candidates who understand the high cost of advancing Liberty. It takes more than a proclamation to enable those willing to do what it takes, with our help, to prevail in 2024. It will require heavy lifting by many engaged in the process.

It’s incumbent upon all of us to assess and improve our ability to network together, connecting with one another so we can share our collective insight, and wisdom, consolidated to help one another remove obstacles to Liberty. That gathering represented unshackled potential synergy-the ability to be stronger together, while still retaining our unique organic beginnings, yet understanding we are not in this foray alone.

Liberty’sPlace4UWY understands what has worked in our county. Let’s exchange ideas and strategies that will help us meet the manifold challenges ahead, where you live and breathe, concurrently advancing Liberty. One thing was clear; failure is not an option. We must be relentless, and resist any inclination to be smug, or rest upon our laurels from past victories. That could jeopardize our pursuit to navigate this circuitous road of Liberty.

Please let us hear your ideas, opinions and suggestions. Before we devote more time and resources, your timely feedback is vital. Don’t forget to register and take advantage of the website established as a “one stop shop” for ideas and information. A Petrie dish for growth.

Go to the website Apply to participate, complete the form, and submit. List only the contact person for your group. Phone information is optional. That information will be published on the website. Any questions? If you don’t have a website, contact Stay restless for Liberty, and stay engaged. Liberty isn’t self-perpetuating. We are grateful for your participation. We’ve just begun. May we never take God’s Blessings for granted.

Wyoming Freedom Caucus Town Hall

Join the  Wyoming Freedom Caucus Saturday April 15th, to help them kick off their statewide Town Hall Tour.

Come meet many of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus members, including some of our own local Natrona County legislators.

Special appearance by Secretary of State Chuck Gray is also expected.

Date:  April 15th
Time:  10am to 12:00pm
Where:  Hilton Garden Inn, 150 N. Poplar, Casper, Wyoming

For more information: Facebook Events